1. 1 Festival of prosperity
  2. 2rakghul re-life on Alderman
  3. 3 relics of the Free
  4. 4 pirate attack

Rejoice, heroes of a wide, distant galaxy, because of course there is also a lot of in November 2022 in the online role-playing game Star Wars: The Old Republic! If it returns to Alderman and spend a few raffle, celebrates the festival of prosperity, strike back the attack of the pirates and hunt through a huge spaceship of the Free! Below are the appointments!

Feast of prosperity

Date: 1. November to November 29, 2022 (begins and ends at 2:00 p.m. CET)

Prerequisite: level 20+

Selected rewards:

  • New gourmet weapons set
  • New doubt and Gaborone transport ships
  • New Festival Hold toy
  • Arms set of the festival dealer
  • Roasted CYK bump and festival of the wealthy poster decorations
  • Fixed clothing and a preparation hat
  • Means of transportation: much transporters
  • Mini pairs: Keyholes sludge horn and earthener Thumb
  • Emotes: feel the groove and prosperity
  • Toys: Filled dining bag and meal slingshot
  • Various fortress decorations inspired by the festival
    … and more!

The call of the Hutton cartel has suffered quite a bit over the years. The once so powerful organization is no longer particularly respectful and scary. In order to restore the influence of the cartel, two up-and-coming Hutton Gaborone of the lush and doubt of the Großmätige-for the needy in the galaxy, probably the most complex charity banquet in history. And if the cartel drives its business interests as part of the festival, it is a profit for everyone involved!

If Gaborone and Doubt work together, they could catapult the cartel back into the upper class of the galactic underworld. But the contradictory priorities of the two hates let them constantly clash. A new story mission is activated every week to advance the action up to its climax in the third and last week if you have to decide: Gaborone or Doubt? Only one hat can win and the fate of the festival of prosperity is at stake. Select wisely!

Players who took part in the event at an earlier point in time can immediately plunge into the daily missions and mini-games! If you play the event for the first time, a story mission is unlocked weekly, which drives the conflict between Gaborone and Doubt.

Lawful re-life on Alderman

Date: 1. November to November 8, 2022 (begins and ends at 2:00 p.m. CET)

Prerequisite: level 25+

Selected rewards:

  • Call at Horn
  • Arms set of the merciless searcher
  • Horn epicentrum-and-reduced armaments sets
  • Countermeasures
  • Allianz contact doctor Loki
  • Infected Variety and infected Tare move as mounts
  • Grim lawful mini pets
    … and more!

The Hoyland organization for Lawful neutralization (Horn) has published an official Stufe-2 emergency warning after the Lawful epidemic broke out on Alderman. Quarantine zones were set up to prevent the plague from leaving the planet. Exceptions are only made for people with special authorization.

Horn recruits voluntary emergency helpers who travel to the affected areas and fight there against the spread of the Lawful epidemic. Further information on the outbreak is available from the news terminals on the Republican and imperial fleet.

Horn absolutely wants to remind you that the symptoms of the plague can be treated if they are discovered in an early phase. Regardless of their travel plans, all residents are asked to report to the next medical support droid and to be vaccinated there!

relics of the Free

Date: 15. November to November 22, 2022 (begins and ends at 2:00 p.m. CET)

Prerequisite: level 50+

Selected rewards:

  • Call at the Free Enclave
  • Free digitization cubes
  • Armor of the white, red and blue angles
  • Weapons of the gray helix
  • M1N1 defender, M1N1 scout and miniature gray SECANT
  • Transport cabins of the cyan-colored, blue and red ball

Explore the competitive area in western Schemes to find out the mysterious purpose of the gray SECANT on Plum. Put yourself a powerful opponent who awaits you inside this old ship. Visit the news terminal in the game at the Garrick station of the Republican fleet or the Vaiken-Raum-Dock of the imperial fleet to start your adventure!

pirate attack

Date: 29. November to December 6, 2022 (begins and ends at 2:00 p.m. CET)

Prerequisite: level 20+

Selected rewards:

  • Nova Blade armor set and armor set of the Antoine Guts owner
  • Naught companions
  • Camp-More transport means
  • Kath dog riding animal
  • Kath-Hund-Mini pet
  • Fortress decorations inspired by Antoine

… and more!
The remote planet Antoine became the center of a hostile escalation between the Galactic Republic and the Sith empire.
After they were stormed in hidden by hidden imperial forces, Nova Blade-Piraten launched an uncompromising attack on the rural Republican world.
While the republic desperately tries to defend this significant position on the edge of the imperial space, the empire plans to use the chaos to make a decisive blow to the long-term bastion of the republic.
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