-Coitus, November 12th at 1:00 pm SWC2022 World Finals in Colosseum, Sang am Africa, Seoul

** -In a four-year-old Korean offline game and Korean representative Duncan

-In the day of the competition, including gifts for on-site audiences, exhibitions and pop-up stores, and online events

Comes announced on the 28th that the World Finals of the Summers War World Arena Championship (SWC2022), which are offline in three years, were sold out.

The World Final, the final round, is the last stage of SWC this year and the world’s strongest, and will be held at Colosseum in Sang am Africa, Korea, Korea, Korea, Korea, on Saturday, November 12 at 1 pm.

Unlike the last two years, which was held online as a fan Derick, this year, this year, the local fans were held in the local cups in Berlin, New York, and Bangkok. The World Finals also sold out at a high speed immediately after the ticket opening on the 26th, proving the hot interest of users and still ticket power. The swc world finals are held in korea for four years since 2018.

In the World Finals, three players selected in the Asia Pacific Cup on the 22nd, and eight of the eight people who have been in fierce competition around the world are expected. In particular, domestic fans’ expectations are Increasing whether they will be able to show the dignity of the Jong-un countries by lifting the championship cup in the finals held in Seoul.


The big vote was also released through the official SWC YouTube. According to the Darwin Table, ‘Duncan’ and traditional strong owners ‘Erewhile’ confronted, ‘Android’ in 2021, and ‘ASSERT’, which went beyond the Asia Pacific Cup last year, will be unpredictable.

Comes will present gifts such as Summer’s War and competition goods, SWC Won Exhibition, and Pop-up Store, and will be enjoyed by online and offline audiences. We plan to carry out the festival.

Meanwhile, all games, including the World Finals of SWC2022, will be broadcast live as a specialized commentary in various languages through official YouTube channel .

The final winner will be the main character of $100,000 (about 140 million won) with the title of the world’s strongest title. For more information about ‘SWC2022’, please visit the official page **.