Square Enix has released new information about the new RPG Harvested .

This work is a life simulation RPG that adventures around the world while handling farm work and craft in a world that is exposed to the disaster death season that is visited at the turn of the season. The information released this time introduces new elements such as the Gogol Algae, which has a winter seed light, and new elements such as fairy order and break time.

Winter seed light

Winter LocationGets Aegean

It is a snowy religious city covered with snow, and is based on the Kiyonokan. The priests of the cult visit the sinus near Alan, where the winter seed lights are located.

Location in winter_Story in Argent

The protagonist and Aria who visited the Church Aegean in a winter seed light survey, were told that the cathedral with the seed light was banned other than those who were given exempted flowers.

And the priest of the cult who has been receiving archer since the change of the seed light. The prophecy that disasters will occur in the near future have come up with many religions, who are rumored to be clean.

Characters you meet in the Afghan


Job: Mercenary

Use the power for the purpose. That is a mercenary >

Black coat mercenary. He fights with a mysterious weapon that flies bullets. He accepts any request if he pays the reward, but it is rumored that the amount is high.


Job that can handle unique weapons and characteristic skills. By making the character with the job a friend, the hero who is the player will be able to use the job.


Jobs that are good at physical attacks from long distances. Depending on the skill, the attribute of the normal attack can be switched to the fire or ice attribute.


Jobs that perform physical attacks and magic attacks with magic swords. Learn the skills to place a wide range of attacks and fields that continue to damage.

LifeFairy order

Fire fairy suddenly appears in the field in his home. It seems to be related to seed lights…
The fairies who exist other than fire will help the hero’s field work.

You can check the fairy order from the fairy book at home, and report the order that you have achieved to get useful rewards.

LifeSpeed up the agricultural work & up the level of the field

By handing a lot of fairy requests, farming is easier to plow the wide area of the field, water, sow, and harvest at once! In addition, the level of the field is improved, the probability of harvesting high-quality crops is increased, and expensive and high-quality dishes can be made.

By helping the fairies related to each seed light, you can also open the water beside and cave biome.

Life_ Winter Special Product


Some crops can be harvested throughout the year, and vegetables and fruits that can only be harvested in a specific season! Let’s enjoy farming and cooking unique to each season.

Winter crop

Cooking using winter crops

Winter crops and dishes are still more! You can also make processed products using seasonal crops.

ExchangeBreak time

Eating with your friends during adventure will make the cooking effect more usually more and a special story. Depending on the food you eat, can you see a surprising side of the character?


During the dungeon, a powerful enemy Fear, which is clearly different from a normal enemy, may be wandering. While the party is weak, you’ll never win, but can you get powerful accessories when you defeat it?

At first glance, roads that cannot be advanced without defeating FEAR can be avoided using the effects of the field. Let’s use it well and proceed.

Harvester will be released on November 4, 2022, and the Steam version will be released on November 5. The price is 7,680 yen (tax included).