Square Enix has released a new visual and character PV Bunker for TV anime for Near: Automata .

Near: Automata is an action RPG produced by Square Enix and developing Platinum Games. It was released on February 23, 2017, and has exceeded 6 million units of the world’s cumulative shipments and downloads.

The official title of the anime version is Near: Automata ver1.1a . A-1 Pictures, which handles Sword Art Online and Nicolas Recoil, will continue to the game, followed by 2B and Katsuki Heine for 2B, followed by the main cast. 。

This time, the cast information of each character was released along with the visual PV depicting the commander and operators who command the John unit. Comments from Chick Kano, the commander of the commander, Karo Some, the role of the operator 6O, and Mary Satsuma, the role of operator 21O, have also arrived.

◆ CAST comment

■ Chick Kano (commander)

Anime… I’m deeply moved.
Since I was alone when recording the game, it is very fresh to exchange dialogue with the cast.
The story development is likely to be different from the game.
Please look forward to those who have already played or who have not played.
I’m looking forward to it too!


■ Karo Some (the role of operator 6O)

Congratulations on the animation of Near: Automata! !

I am really happy to be involved in the work once again as an operator 6O.
When I read the script for the animation for the first time, Near: Automata is animated…! I was impressed again.
The John unit is prohibited from having emotions, but the operator 6o is a character that does not follow the rules at all, so I will not hide the highest to TIER: AUTOMATA animation!
Beautiful 2B unique to animation, I’m really looking forward to it! !

■ Satsuma Mary (Operator 21O)

Congratulations on the animation of Near: Automata!
When I first heard the story of animation conversion, I felt like a fan of Kawabata and excitement, How is this view of this world expressed in anime!? I’m really looking forward to it now! I am still inexperienced, but I am working hard on the post-recording.
Not only the play of other casts is really nice, but the teams are full of love, so please look forward to it!

The TV anime Near: Automata Ver1.1a of Near: Automata will be broadcast from January 2023.

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