The League of Legends World Cup has broken the record in terms of unique champions that have appeared as selection or bathtubs in the games. When we have barely overcome the equator of the group stage in these Worlds 2022, a total of 101 characters have had a presence in the tournament. However, there are heroes that have not benefited from this increase in alternatives and still unknown in competitive items. Specifically, there are a total of four that have never appeared in a world championship, and in two of those cases we are facing a particularly serious situation.

The worst champions in the history of the Legends Professional

After conducting a review and collecting information about all champions that have been selected in all the world championships of League of Legends, we have found a small group of three dissidents. The number is exactly the same as in the last edition of the tournament. However, there are important changes. Shack was selected in the jungle on the occasion of the confrontation between T1 and detonation focus me corresponding to the group stage last year. He was chosen by the Japanese who, although they were probably going to do it equally, suffered a painful defeat and were not able to shine the character.

Also since last year we have received new characters and, in almost all cases, they have already been chosen in the tournament. This is the case of Vex , Be’veto , Renata or Nil ah that just took a few days to debut. It is true that they are not the most popular characters in the competition, but they have specific niches in certain compositions that have served to appear in the championship on some occasions. Anshan and Zero, who are the other champions that debuted in these 2022 Worlds, have not had the same fate.

These are all the characters that have never appeared the world championship…

Master * Yi **: His competitive presence (appearance as selection or banjo) throughout history and taking into account only elite leagues and large international competitions is 0.3% and almost all These games correspond to season 8 and with the funnel strategy. If he has not appeared this year, that he was very strong in Sold, it does not seem to do it until a Rework arrives.

Million *: His historical presence in maximum level competitions is 0.9%, but he has never been lucky enough for one of those games to correspond to the World Cup. The last time it was played was at the Summer 2020 LACK. It was played in six games, all of them thanks to a single team that ended last.
Zero : Dominated the competitive since its launch and that has made it cannot be played in these Worlds 2022. Riot Games reduced both its power that it is almost impossible for us to see it. It is his first World Cup and surely just appearing in future editions.
Anshan : He does not seem to be a very interesting character as it is an alternative attack in the central lane clearly lower than One or other champions. He is his first World Cup, so perhaps his situation in the future…


In the same way we have also been able to collect somewhat more positive statistics on other characters . For example, we now know that Middle and Lee have been the only champions that have appeared in all Worlds played to date. This statistic, of course, has a little cheat. Many League of Legends champions subsequently launched and have participated in the World Championship since then. This list would compose a total of 18 characters (those who carry two or fewer participation are not taken into account).

In parentheses is the year in which they had the opportunity to debut in the World Cup (which should not necessarily be the same as that of its launch). A fact that gives us a last surprise, although not so remarkable. It seems clear that The new League of Legends champions are increasingly better in competitive . On the one hand this is due to the greatest diversity of available strategies and having participated in a lower number of World Cups, although it is also very likely to be one of Riot Games’ great objectives by premiering a new hero.