Curia will not be able to count on coach Nicholas Guerra Nigeria during the IEM Major Rio de Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Although the Panthers’ technician had his punishment by the coach bug reduced by ERIC (Commission for Integrity in Electronic Sports, Free Translation), Curia’s owner, AndrĂ© Atari, said Valve disagreed with the new guideline, and He kept Guerra’s ban for the major of Rio.

The injustice won! After months of debates between lawyers, all possible efforts, Valve has decided that it will not meet the Revision of ERIC that would put Guerra and Ale Asoka apt for the Major of Rio. A shame! ERIC in the punishments and ignored their fair review of their own bug. My other and idol Guerra is prevented from working with what he loves most, in the historic event in his country after having tasted 100% of innocence., vented the businessman on Twitter.


Although Asoka no longer works as a coach and composes today the tribe’s streamers team, the former MIR coach has also been affected by Ban and will continue to be prevented from oadcasting matches of the major. Guerra, in turn, remains prevented from being alongside the Curia players throughout the CS: GO World Cup dispute, which for the first time in history will be played in azil.

Guerra also went to social networks and commented on the maintenance of BAN by Valve’s decision. The Curia coach classified the punishment as unfair and stressed that his mistake in the coach bug did not take advantage of him to pass privileged information to the Curia, but to stay connected to the match, even without giving information to the team.

Unfortunately we lost! Valve has spoken. I will lose the chance to be with my players in the major of azil. Unjust because who did the investigation understood that my mistake was not to disconnect from the match and not abuse the bug, he said.

Atari inscribed as technician

With the absence of Guerra, Curia decided to enroll Atari as coach of the team at IEM Major Rio. According to the Dust 2 azil website, Atari will not pass tactical instructions to the panthers, but will be next to the players during the CS: GO World Cup dispute to help them in moments of pressure. Technical assistant Tacitus, who led the team at PGL Major Stockholm and PGL Major Antwerp, in addition to participating in the Mrs, this time will be left out of the stage and will help the fury in preparing for the matches.