Since October 4, 2022, Overwatch 2 launch in Free-to-Play, Blizzard FPS has faced many problems, whether in terms of server stability, endless queues or connection errors. Fortunately, the patches deployed quickly over the weekend of release allowed you to correct the difficult access to the game, but other bugs appeared as what makes you buy a paid skin or that of Torsion and BASSOON. Anyway, developers are working tirelessly to provide solutions and a long blog post was published on October 13 to reveal what they would prioritize now.

The onze classification in the competitive game seems unfair to you?


Like many other players, you certainly wanted to experience competitive games, as servers are much more stable. After your 7 wins, your classification was then revealed and… Surprise: Here you are onze 5 while at OW1 you were at least gold or diamond. The goal has changed, of course, the characters too, but what is the justification of going so low?

Blizzard indicated that this was a big mistake that has now been corrected thanks to the patch tonight. Now, a bonus is activated to allow you to climb some classifications more easily.

Many players had a very low rating during the first week of Overwatch 2, so We are implementing an increase as players continue to play for those affected by this problem.
* Players with a very low classification may feel that they are stuck in this classification. N
the future, players must be able to climb in the classification in their first * update, assuming that they are higher based on performance.
* Players who have not been classified will not have this problem after this patch.

No hero will be rebellious until season 2

The other important information of this blog post concerns the rebalancing of heroes. Developers are aware that some characters like Sojourn or Genii are monstrous compared to others, but are happy with the current look.

The balancing is planned, but it will not happen until the second season starts in December. Only Zara will be changed on October 25, during the large Halloween update.