The Elden Ring 1.07 patch is already available, and the developers included several adjustments to the balance to increase the stability of the gameplay. These changes will affect both PVP players and EVE players, including various objects, such as spells, spells, skills and weapons. Although Banzai NAMC and From software did not say anything about DLC for Elden Ring, keen data miners found several intriguing files after the last update. Here is all that I managed to find out about DLC Elden Ring from the patch update 1.07.

data miners find new cards for Elden Ring DLC in the latest patch update 1.07

Several collectors of data and experts of the community analyzed the hidden aspects of the last Elden Ring update, and several new cards were found in the game files. These files include two new cards, which were not in the game until the last update. The code names of these new maps are M20 and M45, the first of them has the same numerical classification as Legacy Dungeons. The last patch update includes many changes in balance, and we can confidently assume that the meter will change, especially for PVP players.


As for DLC, players are very waiting for new characters and demigods. Mirella is undoubtedly the most discussed demigod in the Elden Ring community, and it will be interesting to see the battle with the boss in which Maria’s empire offspring participates. Mirella is a twin of a wave, whose cocoon was stolen by Dog, the lord of blood. As for the expectations associated with For, the players are not tolerant of seeing more than Godwin Golden, who was brutally executed by order of the early black knives during the night. There are not much information, except for two card files found after the last update of Elden Ring. All faded, patiently waiting for DLC, are looking forward to official announcement. Follow the official descriptors of social networks for an old ring to keep up with the upcoming changes.

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