Game Pia Co., Ltd. (CEO Jong-un Jung) is in cooperation with CLOUDED Leopard Entertainment (CEO Chen Wen wen) to become the latest story of Story RPG Travel Series developed by Japan Falcon Co. Heroic Legend Guido Travel 2-CRIMSON SIN-Package pre-sale will be sold on October 13, 2022.

PlayStation5, PlayStation4 Hero Legend Yes of Yes 2-Crimson SIN-is the latest trajectory series upgraded to a new chapter on the Republic, and is a unique battle system that smoothly switches from field battle to command battle. Heroic heroes such as stories are equipped with a number of unique contents of 2-Crimson SIN. And according to the player’s behavior, LAW / Gray / Chaos parameters change the previous hero Legend L.G.C. Inheriting and improving the advantages of the alignment, we have implemented a more pleasant and refreshing game system.

PlayStation5, PlayStation4 Hero Legend EOE Legend 2-CRIMSON SIN-Pre-sale of package products is divided into limited edition ‘Limited Edition’ (limited edition).

■ Limited Edition ‘Limited Edition (Limited Edition)’ component

A rich and luxurious item that can only be obtained in this limited edition is provided with the You Branch Special Sleeve Case.

-Hero Legend Guido Travel 2-Crimson SIN-』(package)
-Hero Legend Guido Travel 2 Original Sound Track Mini
-Training series special tabletop calendar 2022 ~ 2023
-Large microfiber fabric containing the entire map of the Calved Republic
-DLC trace series BGM set

** ■ PlayStation5, PlayStation

■ Initial Purchase Privilege (DLC)

-The semi-dedicated Miss costume
-Halo core Voice [Main monitoring target r ・ A]

PlayStation5, PlayStation4 Hero Legendary Yes Legend 2-Crimson SIN-Package Sales period is from October 13 to October 26, and will be held in various online and offline markets including online shopping mall Soprano. The official domestic release date is October 27th, and the deliberation rating is 15 years old. For more information on the game, please visit the official website, Game Pia, blog, Facebook, and Instagram.