In the world of streaming in which we live, the series of blockbuster by Netflix sounds like a joke, but it is a reality, and today the first trailer of this production was shared , thus confirming that irony is something that will never leave humanity.

It will be on November 3 when the 10 episodes of the blockbuster series reach Netflix . In this way, the first trailer of this show was recently shared, where we can see the latest blockbuster employees fight for their positions in a digital world. This is the official description:

Timmy Soon (Randall Park) is an analog dreamer in a 5G world. He spent his adult life dedicated to his first love, the films, a passion that has kept him in his first and only work of him, manage blockbuster video in his hometown. Then, Timmy is alarmed by knowing that his store is officially the last blockbuster in the United States. He now has no choice but to take measures to remain open and keep his friends used. Timmy and his staff quickly realize that being the home of the last blockbuster could be exactly what his community needs to revive the human connections they lost in the digital age. He also has it unexpectedly with him in love with him for a long time, Eliza (Melissa Romero), who recently returned to work for him. Is this battle to preserve the past the push that Timmy needs to enter the present? His employees can only expect that.

As they could see, the first advance makes clear the comedy tone that we can expect. We only have to wait if this production manages to be a success, or if, like the true blockbuster, it sinks into the vast Netflix content. The blockbuster series will be available on November 3 . In related issues, these are the premieres of Netflix in October. Similarly, here is the first trailer of the Pinocchio movie by Guillermo del Too.