On October 7, Sony Interactive Entertainment implemented a Steam account and a PlayStation Network (PSN) account link function. By linking an account, various benefits such as its own bonus content and communication settings are prepared.


The Steam account and PSN account link function implemented this time can be used by the PC version PlayStation game owner. It is possible to set up data privacy options and sign in to PSN when starting the target PC version. In addition, there is a setting menu in the game, and account links are possible. Once a PSN account is linked, it will be synchronized in other PC version PlayStation games, and it does not seem necessary to sign in separately in each game.

If you link your Steam account to PSN, you can get benefits in the PlayStation Studios game. It is also possible to manage contact settings. In addition, the latest information on the PlayStation Studios games and sales can be received on a PC or PlayStation platform. Links with PSN are optional, but links seem to have various benefits. For example, Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered says that decorative items etc. are prepared as a benefit for account links. The official Insomniac Games official account has announced overseas.

The title of PlayStation Studios has been told by Herman Hurst that the development of PC/mobile will be actively expanded in the future (related articles). He is the head of PlayStation Studios. He has stated that the PC version of the PS is expected to have a year interval. On the other hand, it also suggests that live service-type games under development may be simultaneously distributed on PS/PC. With such works, PS and PC cross-platform play may be possible. The account linkage function implemented this time will be used at that time.

The Steam account and the PSN account link function are implemented for the PC version PlayStation game.