Spike Chen Soft announced on October 1 to cancel the release of the Steam version of Chaos; Head Noah . It is reported that the Steam guidelines and the game content were not compromised.

Chaos; Head Noah is a console/mobile work that adds new elements to the adventure game CHAOS; HEAD released for Windows in 2008. This is the first title of the scientific adventure series by MAGES (then 5pb.). The main character is Tatum Said, a high school student who is one step before withdrawal. This work depicts a story that he is involved in a continuous bizarre murder case. Game play features a system related to the story branch called delusion trigger. By choosing a positive or negative delusion, the story of Tatum’s experience changes.

The Steam version Chaos; Head Noah was announced that it will be released on October 8 Japan time. However, the spiked spike Consort announced that the work cannot be released. The reason is that based on the Steam guidelines, it was necessary to change in-game content. It seems that the release on the platform will be stopped because the work can no longer be released on Steam based on the content based on Spike Chen Soft.

Although the Steam store page of this work was released in April 2022 this year, it was deleted in August (Steam DB). The release on Steam was at risk among users. With this official announcement, the concerns of such users have been hit.

This work is a game that features a grotesque depiction in addition to the delusion triggers mentioned above. CHAOS; HEAD NOAH for Xbox 360 and PS Vita has been transplanted as faithfully as possible with the expression Chaos; Head and has been released as a HERO: Z specified title. In the PS3/PSP version, the expression is partially changed, and it is designated as HERO: D. In this way, this work contains a grotesque depiction to the extent that it is a HERO: D designated title even when it is minded.

On the other hand, if it only includes grotesque depictions, a certain number of works that correspond to Steam are also sold. Under such circumstances, it seems that Chaos; Head Noah is related to the fact that the main character is a high school student as a reason why it is determined that it is not suitable for Steam guidelines (Ars Technica). Certainly, Steam’s guidelines are guided to be any content that treats children unreasonably. Gore descriptions related to high school characters may have violated this clause.

CHAOS; Child exists as a successor to this work as the same as this work, and the console version is sold as a HERO: Z specified title. Like CHAOS; Head Noah, high school students appear as the main character, and it is a title featuring a grotesque depiction. On the other hand, the Steam version was released in 2019. Did the Steam standard become stricter than that of 2019, or was it determined that a specific depiction in Chaos; Head Noah conflicts with the standards? Details are not clear.

In the future, the PC version of CHAOS; HEAD NOAH is being considered through the replacement platform. As soon as the details are decided, the official announcement will be made again. It is said that the overseas Nintendo Switch version of the Nintendo Switch version, which will be released at the same time as the Steam version, will be released as scheduled.

Chaos; Head Noah is on sale for console and mobile, including Nintendo Switch for domestic domestic domestic.