Many might think that actors and actresses of the Hollywood an world normally do not have time to have fun, that is due to their tight schedule they have to record scenes. However, some usually spend their time on video games while taking a break, and precisely one of these stars is Chloe Grace Moritz of Kick Ass .

The Oven revealed on Twitter during the weekend that he was working quite a lot in the beta version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II , which led many to ask about their habits. Taking up that it is testing other games such as GTA Online and Final Fantasy XIV. **

On her part, her fans suggested trying Destiny , which made her noticed that the Bungee shooter is very consumer of time. Also, she demonstrated interest in car simulation games.

It is worth mentioning that Chloe Grace Moritz has collaborated with great content creators of the United States , so it is possible that within nothing she becomes a Twitch star also. Without a doubt, she has varied tastes and fans like to know what the video games that she will be testing in the not very close future are.