Through its social networks, Rockstar Games h issued a brief statement on the news of the week, the month and maybe of the year: the 90 videos filtered on Grand Theft Auto VI. In its statement, the company confirms what w an open secret, that Leaks really belong to GTA VI , and take the opportunity to clarify its road map with the game after what happened. It seems that, despite everything, they will not alter their plans and will present it in society when ready .

We have recently suffered an intrusion in our system and a person without authorization h illegally accessed and downloaded information from our files, including material of the next Grand Theft Auto in a state of premature development . At the moment we do not anticipate that This supposes the interruption of the current service of our games or long-term effects on the development of the current projects , says the first part of the letter.

We are frankly disappointed that the details of our next game have been shared in this way. Our work in The next Grand Theft Auto will continue planned and we will continue committed to giving you to you, the players, the players, the players, the players, the players, the players, the players, An experience that really exceeds your expectations. We will have an update for all soon and, of course, We will present the game when it is ready . We want to thank everyone for the support received in this situation, concludes Rock star’s note.

The consequences of filtration

we reviewed in our article, nothing to celebrate, it is possible that the leaks of gta VI of calculate the damage and see how much it h leaked. Then it is likely that it will result in complications in the work environment of its employees. That flexibility to work from home is reduced, that the control and distrust of the office increes…

Of course, surprise factor will also subtract future ads, add pressure so that certain proven characteristics are maintained and Surely delay everything until the company ensures that the source code is again only and exclusively in its hands. to Half-Life 2 w a year and a half extra to overcome a similar situation .

And in the midst of everything, the opinions and criticisms of those who do not understand what a Build or a developing game are already coming out. The first gurus that complain about the graphics, the gameplay and certain decisions and added of this GTA VI have already come out. if they were definitive, if they did not understand the metaphor of the human body and did not understand that we are not seeing more than a skeleton. With the leaks’ nobody wins.