Splat on 3 added new content to the Platoon 3. This includes new cards, game modes, weapons, equipment and abilities. One new function that is useful is Squid Surge. This can make you ask you what Squid Surge is and how to use it.


Squid Surge is a new ability that allows you to jump high in the air while you are in the form of squid or octopus and on the wall. Being in this form, in an ink spot on the wall, hold in b button. When it blinks , to release this to run yourself into the air.

How to use squid surge in Platoon 3

There are two main ways to use squid surge in Platoon 3. The first is launch ourselves high into the air, thereby surprising your opponent. This is best done when you are at the top of the wall, as you will shoot at it. In addition, you can use this to climb walls faster . Instead of drawing the entire wall and climbing manually, you can use squid surge to start yourself on the wall.

The introduction of Squid Surge into your movement is a great way to achieve large heights and move on the map. On many Platoon 3 cards there are high viewing points, and Squid Surge is an ideal way to get to them.

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