Com2uS (CEO Jae-jun Song, Lee Joo-hwan) announced that mobile MMORPG ‘IMo’ has collaborated with installation art works in the new exhibition of art selection center ‘Moon Kyung-won & Jeon Joon-ho: Seoul Weather Station’.


‘IMo’ is the first mobile MMORPG launched in 2006, and provides various contents such as cute retro sensitivity graphics, PVP, NBA 2K party play, growth and reinforcement system. To date, it has been loved by many game fans all over the world for continuous updates and events, and this collaboration has provided an opportunity to showcase different cultural contents to the public.

‘Moon Kyungwon & Jeon Joon-ho: Seoul Weather Station’ is an artistic imagination of a rapidly changing climatic environment, as part of the World Weather Network (WWN) project, which was launched by 28 art institutions from 28 countries to cope with climate emergency and ecosystem collapse acceleration. It was expressed through. The exhibition consists of various types of works such as installation, drawing, sketches, and workshops. A Fire) collaboration between ‘and’ aimo ‘was made.

In the new work of Moon Kyung-won & Jeon Joon-ho, which contains the story of the earth written by AI, the real-time community scene of ‘Aimo’, where users communicate and play with users, will be sent through a large display device. The protagonist, who has been weathering for many years and has watched the changes in the earth, examines people in modern times that people build new civilizations and continue communication through the game platform.

‘Moon Kyung-won & Jeon Joon-ho: Seoul Weather Station’, which can meet ‘Aimo’, which is reborn as a work of art, is included by various collaborators such as Ryu Jun-yeol, Hyundai Motor Group Spot/Robotics Lab, Workroom, and Seoul National University Graduate School. It is a project. For more information on the exhibition, which will be held until November 20th, you can check the official website of the Art Sonje Center.

Meanwhile, Com2us is promoting various social contribution activities for the development of the pure art industry, which is the basis of the game and content industry. In May, the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art delivered donations for the purchase and activities of the collections of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.