One of the best moments of all Dragon Ball is when Goku and his friends are looking for dragon balls, but there is one that they don’t know where he is. Then, they go to Uranai Baba to help them, but since they have no money, they end up participating in a tournament against the most surreal characters. We all know the final fight: Goku faces his grandfather are Gohan. When he removes the mBallk, the protagonist’s tears when we see him perfectly replicate those that we had at home the first time (and following) we saw that.

It is one of the most emotional scenes that it hBall Dragon Ball and that in the anime achieved a huge force. A Goku We almost always saw him carefree, smiling at adversities and at most full of rage if any injustice pBallsed, but he had never seen him break inside the emotion in this way. And that hBall a tribute in Dragon Ball Super that almost nobody had realized that he wBall there.

Goku remembers his fight with grandfather Son Gohan

In one of the chapters prior to the Power Tournament , in the final section of Dragon Ball Super anime, Saiyan visits Uranai Baba to recover Frieza from Hell and bring it one day to the Earth to complete the Universe 7 team that must face the other universes. It is there where, while he hopes he fulfills his desire, Goku stays in the outdoor ring in which he fought with Baba. And that is where we see him hit the air, Ball if he were training. It turns out that these blows are very similar to those that he precisely threw against his grandfather Gohan when they fought. You can see it here:

A detail that surely some detected but that many others did not give importance and that turns out to be a beautiful tribute to one of the most beautiful meetings left by the first part of Dragon Ball.


Dragon Ball Super: Superhero, a success in cinemBall

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