League of Legends contains more than one hundred champions and several of them have their own Lore, that is, very well developed by Riot Games, with the exception of poor Shaco. However, Moba also has a series of characters that are not even playable, but who have great stories, which undoubted, to whom reference was previously made. In the stories of the game as Marcus du Couteau.

Who was Marcus du Couteau?

General Du Couteau was the leader of the murderers and a highly respected man in Noxus. According to Katarina’s biography, which follows Lol’s current Lore, he he was a very severe teacher with many students and notoriously difficult to impress.

The murderer is the eldest daughter of the general, while Cassiopeia is the least. According to the biography of the snake hug, both were born between the opportunities and privileges of Noxus’s noble houses. It is also worth remembering that he is considered Talon’s adoptive father, as we commented when Yone appeared on stage and we thought he could become this general.

He was considered a great hero in Noxus’s expansion over Shurima, and when the region prepared a new invasion, this time in Ionia, he was summoned again and supported Swain to advise great general Nxiano Boram Darkwill.

Even so, the current Lore indicates that the general ended up dead in some way. As Urgot says I hope your father was humiliated when Swain betrayed Katarina, while Swain tells Katarina: Do you know who killed your father or do they still think it was me? And he asked for something she could never… Make me!

It is also worth remembering that although he had no connection with the black rose, the general’s wife, Cassiopeia and Katarina’s mother, belonged to the organization. The first time the general was mentioned was in the former Journal of Justice, a newspaper-form publication that Riot made for more than 10 years, with an approach to telling more details about the tradition of the game.

In the number XI of the first volume of this magazine, there is news that speaks of the general in which the disappearance of someone whose first name was Marcus is commented. General’s servants said he before disappearing seemed nervous, neurotic, agitated and constantly checking his pockets. However, Riot has modified the Lore of the game many times since then, and in this way, it is currently believed that the general is dead.

important in the Lore, non-existent in your games

What is the main problem of this character? It is not really super important, but it is true that being one of the great pillars of the history of Runaterra, he has no great appearance in any of his games. In League of Legends, it is true that he appears in the form of dialogue lines with Katarina and Cassiopeia, his daughters, and Talon, his adopted son; But we do not see it either in the store in the form of objects such as gold or in special modes created by the Riot itself or in its great events.


But where we are most strange to us is that he has not appeared in full in Legends of Runaterra, the Riot card game that revolves around the important characters around this world created by the American developer. Doran has not actively appeared in this game, but many of his disciples, in addition to appearing in Lol’s objects as we have mentioned above. Will it be the great as under Riot’s manga in the future in the form of a new champion or will a game that revolves around his history? Time will tell.