Bad news for Facebook. As of October 28 , goal will say goodbye to its Facebook Gaming application in iOS and Android. A step back in the progression of the license **, which sounds like an admission of failure, within an industry where the virtual monopoly is occupied by the Streaming Twitch giant.

Difficult to compete with the giant

According to a recent Streamlabs study carried out from April to June 2022 around the global transmission industry, Twitch remains the most influential platform.

During this period, 76.6% of the hours seen for the community were on Twitch, 15.4% on YouTube Gaming and only 7.9% on Facebook Gaming . As for the amount of hours transmitted, Twitch is imposed even more, with 92.7% in total . Although the direct competitors of Facebook Gaming are few, they are unbeatable. A tough competition that could have brought the best of the Gaming Meta application.


It is not the first time it happens

There have already been several companies that have tried to launch their transmission service to compete with Twitch before taking a step back. In 2020, Microsoft had closed its service, called Mixer . The latter, previously Beam, was acquired by the Xbox parent company in 2017.

Although Microsoft had great plans for Mixer, even signing large streaming names and electronic sports such as Tyler Ninja Blevins (Professional Player of Fornite) or David Eachfg Cánovas and all its gang, the recipe did not work. Unfortunately for the company, Microsoft said goodbye to its platform during the Covid-19 pandemic.

After this violent reaction of Facebook Gaming, The direct Twitch competitor is still YouTube Gaming , which over the years is beginning to slowly become a serious threat to the world’s largest transmission platform. Who knows how the industry will evolve over the years?

Meanwhile, Facebook Gaming has not disappeared completely and is still available directly from the Facebook social network . Although the mobile application of the license says goodbye, goal has not yet said its last word in this aspect.