Nexon announced on the 24th that its subsidiary Embark Studio has confirmed the official name of ‘Project Discovery’, which is being developed as ‘The Finals’ and first unveiled at the eve of ‘Gamescom 2022’.


‘The Finals’ is a first-person team-based shooting game that aims to be dynamic and strategic that has never been experienced.

Characters using swords and firearms appear and can be decorated in the desired style. During play, you can destroy and use a variety of skills and weapons in the diversified battlefield to realize your own combat style.

Nexon released the teaser video and opened the homepage through the eve ‘Opening Night Live’ of ‘GameSom 2022’. The trailer full version is scheduled to be released in September and will conduct a private test through Steam.

In addition, the company will open official SNS channels such as Twitter, YouTube, and Discord, and will release various game information later.

For more information about the Finals, please visit the official website and SNS channels.