The new character Tinari of the open world RPG Harajin for PS5/PS4/PC/smartph1. It turned out that his character design draft was Pako (@pakosun), and it has been attracting big topics.

Pako is a popular illustrator that works on Arjuna and Edison in Fate/Grand Order, and the VTuber Group Holo Live ENGLISH graduates. He was also in charge of the 2022 New Year illustration of Harajin.

At around 18:40 on August 24, Pako posted on his Twitter, I made the original character design of Tinari-kun in Harajin ** and reported that I was in charge of character designer. He also posted Tinari’s drawn illustrations and surprised his fans.

In addition, Pako has successfully assigned Tinari safely, and is already one convex. He commented on what he worked on Tinari, saying, I am the most surprised, Harajin is a character design. increase.

Tinari is available at the event prayer, Deep Forest Tourer, which is being held until 18:59 on September 9.