_ Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered It is now available on PC and, as many already expected, endless experiments with this title have begun. On this occasion we are not talking about a mod, but in a way in which Xbox Series x | s users can enjoy this title on their consoles.

According to Tom Warren, editor of The Verge, currently all users of Xbox Series X | s can already enjoy marvel’s spider-man remastered on their consoles. However, This is only possible through the PC version . It turns out that thanks to the Wireless Display application, which can be obtained directly at the Microsoft Store, you can reproduce in your console everything you have on PC.

Thus, first of all, you need to buy Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered on PC. Once the game is acquired, You can use the Wireless Display application to broadcast the game directly in your Xbox Series X | S . Without a doubt a fairly simple process that is worth trying at least once.

In related issues, this is how marvel’s spider-man remastered on PC. Similarly, these are the specifications of the game on this platform.


Editor note :

Undoubtedly, a very interesting experiment that makes it clear that in the future, according to more cloud applications and broadcast they are available, as well as various PlayStation and Xbox titles reach PC, somehow or another, you can even play halo on PS5, or God of War in Xbox.