Laser sights are devices presented in the 14th season of APEX Legends, which can be very useful in many ways. Laser sights can only be attached to SMG and pistols, but what do they do?

What do laser sights do in APEX Legends?

The attachment of a laser sight will reduce the spread of the fire of your weapon from the hip and will be seen by teammates. The laser sight is set in the same mounting slot as the old stabilizer of the barrel. The laser sight, visible only to teammates, is also extremely useful in coordinating attacks and indicating goals.

location of laser sights in APEX Legends

Laser sights can be found as ground production, in drawers with prey and in leaving sets. Most of the laser sights found in ground production or in drawers with prey will be ordinary or rare, while there is a higher probability of finding an epic laser sight in Lifeline help bags or drops. There is one place where there are guaranteed laser sights, but only in Kings Canyon.

Explosive holds in Kings Canyon are guaranteed to have at least one laser sight. Explosive holds can be found in different places on the map, and a grenade is required to open them. Laser sights can be found on Earth in the hold along with weapons, ammunition and other devices.

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