Portunids are a type of crab you may encounter when exploring the islands of Esperia in Tower of Fantasy. These crabs are one of many resources that you can find in the game to use them in culinary recipes.


Portunids, however, is a little difficult to find. They have a low speed of appearance and can only be found in certain places. In addition, you can easily run past them because of their small size.

If it is difficult for you to find them, you got to the right place. Read the following guide to find out where the portunids are in Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy Portunids Farming Locations

Portunids can only be found in the coastal areas of the game. It is best to go to the beaches or just explore the sandy shores, especially near the areas of Barrenstown and Mega-Arena. These islands are located in the southwest corner of the map.

Remember, you need to look for them on the shore, so do not go into the grass. Therefore, the best way to grow portunids is to stay on the beaches, and when you find a strip with numerous crabs, just attack them to add them to your inventory. Then go a little further before returning, so that they all appear again in the same area.

You can turn to the image below to find out where you will have the best chances of spawning portunids.