Playo announced on the 8th that it will hold various events to commemorate 300,000 Roblocks Play users.

Playo is a mobile game reward app service that offers gamers. You can enjoy most of the games in the Google Play Store, such as ‘Roblocks’, ‘Brolsdaz’ and ‘Battleground’.

Playo has prepared a special event for 300,000 users who play Roblocks. There are two events: Roblocks 3 Gem Upgrades and Buddy Find in Roblocks. The event will be held until 31st.

First of all, during the event, Playo users can enjoy Roblocks with upgraded 3 gems from 2 gems. If you play Roblocks, you can get more gems than before. In addition, as an additional event, ▲ 4 gem upgrades will be achieved when 350,000 users are achieved during the event ▲ 5 gem upgrades will be carried out when 400,000 people during the event are achieved during the event.

The second event is to find Buddy, the representative character of Playo in the Roblocks game. You can find a birdie that appears randomly on the Roblocks Popular Game signboards and shoot certified shots or videos. After that, you can share the playo nickname and #Playo #Playoroblox 300,000 hashtags on YouTube or Instagram posts.

Playo will provide 10 people with Google Gift Cards and 100 playo goods through the lottery. The winning can be found in the playo app on the 6th of next month.

Jen A Company, who is serving Playo, said, Many people are enjoying the game in Playo. In particular, more than 300,000 gamers are encountered through playo.