SK Telecom started recruiting subscribers of the 5G midterm plan on the 5th, and KT is expected to launch a midterm plan as early as possible.

The discussion of the midterm plan, which began with the point that there is no consumer option between 10GB and 100GB of monthly data provided by the 5G plan, is expected to lead to a massive 5G plan reorganization between three telecommunications companies.

According to the government and the industry on the 8th, KT is considering a term for 30GB of data for 62,000 won a month after SK Telecom offers a plan to provide 24GB of data for 59,000 won per month.

SK Telecom and KT have sold 69,000 won for 10GB of monthly data and 69,000 won for 100GB and 110GB. The two companies set the middle between the two plans to 24GB and 30GB.

■ KT · LGU+ 30GB or more

SK Telecom designed a 24GB plan monthly, considering the average data usage of 99% users, excluding 1% of data traffic heavy users.

KT has prepared a plan to increase data provision by 25% while increasing 3,000 won per month than SK Telecom. The final monthly level may change through consultation with the government.

LG Uplus plans to launch a midterm plan by looking at KT’s final launch plan.

Compared to SK Telecom and KT, LG Uplus is noteworthy that the range of data provision for intermediate plans is widened. LG Uplus has a plan of 12GB for 55,000 won per month and 150GB for 75,000 won per month.

■ The likelihood of adjusting the existing plan is also increased

It is noteworthy that the discussion of intermediate plan planes may be transferred to monthly amounts to the monthly amount of the intermediate plan system according to KT and LG Uplus’s actions.

Until recently, the political sphere and consumer civic groups that the data provision of the midterm plan should be increased, but the plan design between the three telecommunications companies can lead to discussions on the monthly adjustment of the midterm plan.

If it is difficult to increase the amount of data provision in consideration of the existing plan design, it is possible to choose a choice to lower the monthly amount in response to the competitor plan.

Even if it is difficult to lower the monthly amount to prevent the average sales per subscriber, the midterm plan has the possibility of cannibalization and cannibalization.

On the other hand, there is also a prospect that such a reinstallment fight is not easy. In the industry, 5G telecommunications is still difficult to satisfy the expected return on investment, so it cannot be competitive in aggressive plans.

An official in the telecommunications industry said, The strategy of the plan for the three telecommunications companies to be sold in 5G is not very different.