This weekend we are enjoying the Evo , one of the most important special competitions in the history of the industry , not only for its numbers but for the great moments he leaves, together with his Huge impact on electronic sports. In the absence of the competition today with the finals of the most important tournaments, we can proudly say that Spain has made history once again in the tournament, with Shanks repeating a top 8 and an emerging star that points high For the next few years: Dragoi .

Shanks and Dragoi make history at the Evo 2022

Throughout the morning from Saturday to Sunday, we have been able to see how Dragoi and Shanks have made an almost outstanding tournament . And it is that the Spaniards are one of the few communities that are delivered in body and soul to live the most fighting games thanks, in part, to Giants and BCN Fighters . The squad commanded by Sh4rin gathered all its legion in a hotel in Barcelona to live the great party of the Fighting Games , and take advantage of passing, gathering to make friends, to give them a live mampor or, of course, of course, see how the Spaniards make history.

On the one hand we had Shanks , who reached Top 8 of Dragon Ball Fighterz with a quite remarkable game and waiting to surprise in the last round. Unfortunately, Spanish would end seventh but he is still the player with the most top 8 in the history of our country… although he is no longer alone.

Dragoi , the very young Zaragozano player, 18, gave the surprise of the GranBlue Fantasy versus tournament, ending in the top 5 and surpassing all the non-Japanese players of the competition. And we say not Japanese because he could not overcome the great masters of the fighting games. Even so, both ended in very decent positions and went home with a gigantic prestige, since they have become referents of the Spanish scene and even the European.