The GAME*Spark editorial department visited the Valve headquarters in Belve, Washington, USA, along with the Japanese reservation for the portable gaming PC STEAM DECK developed by Valve Corporation **. As I told you.

In this interview, Valve tours were also held, and we were able to observe places that could not be entered, such as Steam Deck and the development department of VR equipment.

Meanwhile, we were not worried about a certain number.


Among PC gamers, Valve-developed games include only 2, such as Half-Life, Portal, and Left 4 DEAD series, and 3 is not developed. It has been considered. DOTA2 is masochistic that the company’s representative Gave Newwell cannot count 3 in the additional announcer DLC.

So, the editorial department made a hypothesis. The fact that Gave is not counted means that there is no 3 number in Valve.

For this place, 3 may be a contraindicated number. So, because I can cover the headquarters, I decided to check with my eyes if there was no 3 inside the company.

And what we saw when we arrived at the site…!

Did you understand…

No way, 3 at the entrance!

Valve’s reception hall is on the 13th floor, so the elevator door was engraved on the elevator door as shown in the image. No, this is 13 (THIRTEEN), not 3 (Three). So it may be possible.

Next, I had a breakfast before the interview, but…… I put various types of bread. Each one is quite large, but this is still a normal size in the United States. And this bread was prepared 3 each! Is the number 3 recognized?

Regarding this, the GAME*Spark editorial department was invited, so there is no possibility that we have just prepared the number of people. However, one of the editorial departments was abandoned just before traveling and crying and crying. There was an event that eventually became 2. Is this a big force working to avoid 3…?

If you look for it further, there was a life-sized model of the familiar Tallet in Portal in the company. Looking inside the inside…… the picture of the bullet is drawn, and the number is 3. Apparently, it is said that 3 may exist not only in bread but also in pictures.

In addition, in the Portal series, we found a shelf with a familiar portal gun, the HALF-LIFE series, which is also lined with a full-scale gravity gun that is also familiar. This was also stored in the shelf, one by one.

Furthermore, the letters 1 3 on the floor. Similarly to the conference room, 1 3 letters.

However, in the location where the prototype of Valve Index is on display, there is a number 2 in the prototype, but there is no number 3. Is 3 a contraindicated number…?

After that, I searched for a number 3 between interviews and internal tours, but I couldn’t find a number 3 al1. After all, the rumor is true, and in Valve, 3 is a contraindicated number or the theory that does not have a concept is rich… As a result, the mystery of 3 remains wrapped in darkness.

Will the day be released and the day will be displayed as a numbering of the game? Only the gamers of the future know it.