Club boss Oliver Kahn from FC Bayern, unlike coach Julian Nagelsmann, did not assess the transfer offensive of the highly indebted FC Barcelona.


Kahn stated much more booked. I assume that Barca has gathered many financial obligations. The only ones who recognize the numbers are in the club itself. You need to be a bit reserved if you manage the topic, he said.

Barca’s financial debts are stated to be well over a billion euros, however the club is still a transfer crescent and also recently fetched Bayern scorer Robert Lewandowski. Nagelsmann had commented on this with words that Barcelona was the only club on the planet that has no cash, yet purchases every player he desires, this was crazy and weird.

None people can judge the internals from a range. Since judgments are a bit challenging. They will certainly currently recognize what they are doing, says Kahn on Wednesday on the German document champs.