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Try this service if your Intel processor gives you issues with Chrome or Edge

The one that is giving problems is absolutely nothing greater than the integrated GPU UHD Graphics 770 of the 12th generation of Intel Core processors, as well as to be precise, its most recent controllers. Certainly, Intel advises updating the software program , transforming the options or proceeding to utilize an SSD in case of these graphic problems, which manifest in the type of pulls or visual hold-ups when relocating the computer mouse in the internet browser.

In a recent communication Intel has recognized that its processors Alder Lake give visuals troubles with chromium web browsers, and if you read this that means that you have one, Your web browser is Chrome or Edge, as well as you desire a service (so You concern look, it is additionally fine, also if it’s a bit weird…).

The trouble of the standard solutions proposed by Intel is that are of instruction pamphlet , simply urging us to have actually whatever updated as well as have a hardware sufficient hardware, so probably it is that all this you have actually currently covered. There is one that suggests that interests us and also is discovered in your browser Chrome or Side, and also consists of disableing equipment velocity.

Exactly how to resolve Intel’s graphic problems with Chrome or Side

With this you should quit seeing the pulls , but if not, you simply have to wait on Intel to address the trouble. We anticipate to be much more cautious for when the Raptor Lake arrives, or the exact same Lake meteor that prepare to go into manufacturing.

What content does FIFA 23 Ultimate edition include?

FIFA 23 is already in full preseXbox Serieson. With the heat of summer, football fans tell the days to see how soccer players jump into real life… and virtual. On September 30 is the date chosen for EA Sports to set the lXbox Seriest delivery of the franchise. Meanwhile, we have already known what are the contents that include its Ultimate edition.

What does FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition include?

  • FIFA 23 Double version game in console (PS4 and PS5 or Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S)
  • 3-day anticipated access (start playing on September 27)
  • 4600 FIFA Points
  • Intransferable article of promises player
  • An article of the team’s team 1 (Totw)
  • Ceded article by Kylian Mbappé for 5 games in Fut
  • Election article of AmbXbox Seriessador player Xbox Seriessigned in FUT (between Davies, Vinícius Jr and Son) for 3 games
  • Local talent for career mode
  • Intransferable article of FUT hero of the FIFA World Cup (only if you reserve it before August 22)

You must take into account several things. First, we focus on the Instransferable article of FUT hero. If you reserve the edition before August 22 you will ensure the reception of this player Xbox Series of November 11 , that is, at the gates that the Qatar 2022 World Cup starts.

On the other hand, the promise player article is an already known promotion of previous deliveries. You will receive it from the official launch day, that is, on September 30. The Ultimate edition is available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One at a price of 99.99 euros . In PC and Google Stadia its price is reduced to 89.99 euros.

In Meristation we have already seen it in depth. Click on this link to know all the news of FIFA 23 .

Brighton is dealing with dedication: Transforming in the casino poker around Florian Grillitsch?

The Seagulls play an eye-catching sphere ownership football under coach Graham Potter as well as wound up in the strong nine area in the table in the previous season. In Brighton, Grillitsch Yves Bissoumera might replace-and the midfielder switched to Tottenham for 30 million euros.

The Austrian is at no cost in the summer season, his agreement in Hoffenheim has actually currently finished.

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Florian Grillitsch’s transfer modyssey could ultimately concern an end. Involvements at the Fiorentina as well as Galatasaray Istanbul should have ruptured late. Currently, according to a record by thetelegraphPremier League club Brighton & Hove Albion, the race for the Austrian team player is apparently involved.

The change from Florian Grillitsch to Galatasaray Istanbul is stated to have burst from hand money at the last second. Now the leap into the Premier League could be successful.

FC Bayern | Kahn zu Barca: Will currently recognize what theyre doing

Club boss Oliver Kahn from FC Bayern, unlike coach Julian Nagelsmann, did not assess the transfer offensive of the highly indebted FC Barcelona.


Kahn stated much more booked. I assume that Barca has gathered many financial obligations. The only ones who recognize the numbers are in the club itself. You need to be a bit reserved if you manage the topic, he said.

Barca’s financial debts are stated to be well over a billion euros, however the club is still a transfer crescent and also recently fetched Bayern scorer Robert Lewandowski. Nagelsmann had commented on this with words that Barcelona was the only club on the planet that has no cash, yet purchases every player he desires, this was crazy and weird.

None people can judge the internals from a range. Since judgments are a bit challenging. They will certainly currently recognize what they are doing, says Kahn on Wednesday on the German document champs.

Guidelines for stray energy drinks

In the underground slums, tramps will meet azuza that will exchange energy drinks for game objects. There are only two objects in the inventory of Azoosis: memory B-12, which can be bought for three energy drinks, and a musical sheet for one energy drink, which means that you need to collect only 4 energy drinks in the game. This leadership will help you find Azooz and energy drinks in Stray so that you can get all its objects.

As a rule, banks with an energy drink in Stray can be found in trading machines that you will find during your research. Not all vending machines give you energy drinks, but some of them give, and it is on them that we will now concentrate. It is not so difficult to get to these vehicles in the tramp.

merchant Azuz in slums

The main reason you need these drinks is that the merchant in the slums of Azoosis will take only these energy drinks as its currency. You want to get a memory and a musical leaf from AZOOZ for further playing the game, so it is recommended to get these energy drinks.

It is not difficult to find azoosis of the merchant. The robot can be found for the first time in Chapter 4. To meet the robot, you need to turn left as soon as you start the chapter. Downs the stairs, you can find an azososis sitting with your shop. You can see the prices of all goods here.

where to find all energy drinks in Stray


Energy drink 1

When the guard signals the robots that it is safe, you will see an open garage door leading you to a dark lane. Here you can find the first trading machine under ventilation units.

Energy drink 2 Location

Follow steps opposite the keeper. When you follow this path, you will see a robot in an alley. Go to the end of this lane and climb the steps at the end to find the second trading machine to get an energy drink.

Energy drink 3

This drink is located near the Momo apartment. Immediately before entering the apartment, look for the symbol of the stranger on balconies and roofs. Right under the symbol of an outsider is a sales machine.

Energy drink 4 Location

The fourth energy drink is located right under the third trading automatic. You can go down, jumping from a piece of wood lying there; It has paint on it.

If it seems a little dangerous, you can access a trading machine from grandmother’s clothing. Jump over the ventilation units and get to the trading machine. The machine is well hidden under metal details, so be sure to carefully look for it if you do not notice it.

SBK 22: 4K gameplay on the Portimao circuit

Announced with great fanfare last month, SBK 22 marks over all the return of the franchise business after 10 years of absence. Amongst the components that have actually been validated, we can currently validate the return of the SBK champion, yet also from a career setting that we wish for total, as well as also the main 2022 Worldsbk championship providing the genuine weekend SBK with its superplages, tests as well as races. The release of SBK 22 is anticipated for September 15 on Computer, PS5, Xbox Series, PS4 and Xbox One.

Rising Wings, Healing Emotional Game Camping Cat Family Pre -Reservation

[Cat Moon Young-soo] Rising Wings (CEO Kim Jung-hoon) started the pre-booking of the mobile game ‘Camping Cat Family’ on the 19th.

Camping Cat Family is a negative healing game that looks at a cat family spending a leisurely everyday life, such as camping and playing guitars.

The user must rebuild the camping ground for the abandoned cats found at the camping ground with a friend. Investing goods to install and upgrade camping equipment such as tents, camping cars, sea foods, tables, fishing grounds, and bonfires to decorate the camping ground. As the camping ground becomes abundant, new elements are added, such as increasing the interaction of cats and visiting rare animal guests.

In-game goods are automatically produced over time and accumulate automatically without playing the game. In addition, the more you decorate the camping ground, the more the output of the goods will increase, and you can acquire additional goods through various activities such as fishing and cooking.

Rising Wings’s Healing Game Development Team ‘Team Happy Paws’, which developed the Camping Cat Family, started the ‘Animal Lives Matter’ project for the coexistence of animals and humans in June and animal protection group We have signed a business agreement with Life, and based on this agreement, we will donate some of the proceeds from the camping cat family to life.

Choi Soo-young, a team of Happy Force PD, said, Camping Cat Family is a game like a break that can give modern people a break and comfort.

Meanwhile, Camping Cat Family is currently making a reservation at Google Play in Korea, and plans to make a pre-booking in the Apple App Store and overseas markets sequentially.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Info on the opening of pre -orders for the enthusiasts editing

_ For enable everybody to get as well as take pleasure in the game as quickly as it is launched, we will certainly now offer to acquire the Benefit material of the collector’s edition (including its product packaging, an illustration brochure and a steel play box) separately at a cost_ auquel will certainly be subtracted that of the Xenoblade Chronicles 3game, can we review.Ceci suggests that you can acquire the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 video game when it was launched on July 29, then have the possibility to pre-order the web content of the’ Collection agency’s version in September on the My Nintendo Shop.

For the record, Fabien provided his impressions on Xenoblade Chronicles 3 recently.TOUS The aspects that make the big J-RPGs seem to be there, the basics that made the success of the previous episodes are back, the technological understanding gets to the renowned level of instead pretty for switch, as well as The scenario may well schedule numerous shocks _, according to him. Simply that.

Cristiano Ronaldo denies mega deal from Saudi

Cristiano Ronaldo from Manchester United is stated not to be thinking about transferring to Saudi Arabia. This reportsESPN _. In spite of an incredibly lucrative offer from an unspecified club from the nation, the Portuguese certainly desires to play in the Champions Organization in the coming period.

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Because of the adjustment of adjustment, * News for the Ronaldo-Drama-United coach Erik 10 HAG becomes clear
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With this incomes, Cristiano Ronaldo would have climbed to the globe’s best-earning football gamer.

The club from Saudi Arabia is claimed to have supplied CR7 a huge material of 250 million euros for two years according tocnn _.ESPNeven calls 275 million euros in salary for both years. On top of that, a transfer charge of 30 million euros would certainly have come for United.

To do this, nevertheless, he would certainly need to leave United, although he still has an agreement in Old Trafford by 2023. Most just recently, there were unanimous records from England that this is specifically the Portuguese plan. Nonetheless, the Red Devils officially announced that they anticipate Ronaldo to remain with them.

DJ Max, Registered like a dragon.XBOX Game Pass July First Title Title

Microsoft has added various titles such as Last Call BBS, DJ Max Respect V, Room Escape Academy, My Friend Peppa, and Overwellm, to Xbox Game Pass.

Microsoft allows users to enjoy the game they want anytime, anywhere on the console, PC, iOS, and Android mobile devices through the Xbox Game Pass. In addition, the content lineup is continuously strengthening to meet the various tastes of users.

-Last Call BBS (Last Call BBS)-PC Support, [email protected]*July 5th

‘Last Call BBS’, which is added to the PC GAME PASS on the first day of its launch, is the last game of Zachtronics, a puzzle game developer. You can play.

-Solsta: Crown of the Magistor-Console/PC/Cloud Support*July 5th

The Solar Star: Crown of the Magicter, produced by long-term fans of the Pen & Paper RPG genre, will play four heroes with unique skills that complement each other. During the adventure, each hero expresses his characters through action and conversation selection, giving dynamics to the whole story. In the fan & paper game, the player can choose their own heroes by selecting race, class, and personality.

-Like a dragon: 0: vowing place (Yakuza 0)-Console/PC/Cloud Support*July 5th

In the ‘0: Overtement Place’, which shows the splendor, charm, and free corruption of the 80s, play a low-ranking Yakujaka Kiryu, which is in trouble because of a simple debt recesses, and a silver furnace Majima Goro Majima) and recognizes his everyday life as a manager of Cabaret Club.

-Dogether with Dragon: Yakuza Kiwami-Console/PC/Cloud Support*July 5th

In the Dragon: Dragon: Dojima’s dragon Kiryu Kazuma takes over his brother-in-law Nishi Nishikiyama and his childhood friend Yumi to kill a crime boss. You can experience the story of the start of the series like a dragon, and you can experience all dramas, action and fun mini games.

-Together with Dragon: Drama 2 (Yakuza Kiwami 2)-Console/PC/Cloud Support*July 5th

In ‘Dragon: Dragon 2’, the assassination increases the risk of a full-scale war between the same sex and the Omi coalition. Dojima’s dragon Kiryu Kazuma travels to Osaka’s Sotenbori to mediate peace between two rival organizations, but Ryuji Goda, who is called Kansai’s dragon, does not stop for war.

-DJMAX Respect V (DJMAX Respect V)-Console/PC/Cloud Support, [email protected]*July 7th

‘DJ Max Respect V’ is the latest work of the producers of DJMAX, which has been well-received, and popular artists such as Marshmello, Porter Robinson and Yukika It offers a variety of experiences, including music videos, online multiplayer functions, and new game modes.

-Match Point: Tennis Championships-Console/PC/Cloud Support, [email protected]*July 7th

The Match Point: Tennis Championship, which unveiled tennis from a modern perspective, offers a real tennis experience based on sophisticated career modes and unique rival systems. As it is a game that focuses on tactical realism, positioning and aiming, the player can move his player correctly to fly a successful shot.

-Garden Story-Console/PC/Cloud Support*July 12

In the Garden Story, as the guardian of the newly appointed The Grove, the split community must be united together. Wandering around a lively island with helping friends, fighting dangerous ROT, inspiring the residents, rebuilding their hometowns, as well as listening to the sweet and addictive song of the island, and the comfortable and warm atmosphere of Grove You can also enjoy it.

-Escape Academy-Console/PC/Cloud Support, [email protected]*July 14th

At the Room Escape Academy where promising students who are training to become the best escape expert, you can play more than 12 rooms designed by experienced experts in the actual room escape. You can experience the entire room escape academy in a single player mode, or two players can enjoy cooperative play.

-My Friend Peppa Pig-Console/PC/Cloud Support*July 14th

‘My friend Pepa’ offers fun adventures with Pepha Pig. You can make your own characters, press the doorbell to fall into the world of Pepa, and Pepa suggests activity anywhere from the museum to Potato City. You can enjoy a variety of play, such as helping Pepa’s dad’s glasses, following the forest path, and frying from the mud puddle.

-Overwhelm-PC support, [email protected]*July 14th

‘Overwellm’ is an action horror world platformer, which is in a situation where the enemy is growing, but the player is not. You must explore the cave. Every time each defeats five bosses, their abilities are divided into enemies, and the difficulty of play is getting higher.

-For Patrol The Movie: Paw Patrol The Movie: Adventure City Calls-Console/PC/Cloud Support*July 14th

In the big cities of ‘For Patrol the Movie: Adventure City’, you can see a larger scale adventure. Ryder and Fort Patrol find out that Humdinger, the city’s market, has taken control of the big cities, and acts to save the adventure city from his selfish scheme.

-Powerwash Simulator-Console/PC/Cloud Support*July 14th

In the Power Wash Simulator, you can turn on the power washing machine to blow all the dust and time and watch the shiny finish, and you can feel the small satisfaction of the cleaning, and you can wash away the sound of the streams that make you feel comfortable for some reason.

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