There is no doubt that V Rising is the game of the moment. This survival, construction, and isometric action title developed by Stunlock, the authors of Battlerite, is in full swing despite being released early access. And that’s because the enormous amount of content suggests that the title is practically finished.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Thanks to the V Rising Steam store page, it is possible to know Stunlock’s plans for the game, the approximate duration of this phase, and the key new features they want to add during this Early Access. Let’s dissect what the developer herself has commented.

How long will V Rising Early Access last?
These are the words of Stunlock in this regard: “We are focused on ensuring the best possible experience. It is difficult to say how long it will take us to process the comments and suggestions of the players and develop the game accordingly. Our goal is to finish the game and get out of Early Access within the next 12 months .”
But to be working for a whole year on a fully playable game like V Rising, you need to have crystal clear plans for what you want to add. That is the next section.

What news will come to V Rising?
They seem to know what they’re doing. In addition to launching content-laden early access, they plan to tackle much more over the next few months: “We want the full version to reflect what our players expect from a vampire survival game. Throughout Early Access and until the final release, new updates will arrive primarily in new features and content for the world.”
These are the novelties that they plan to add:
More biomes and dungeons
New weapons and spell sets
new enemies
More castle decorations and cosmetics
More building recipes
Additional features and better performance to enhance the entire experience

A reward for those who support the game
From Stunlock, they say that V Rising is the most ambitious game of the studio and that they want to integrate the players’ suggestions into the development. You can leave your questions and concerns on the V Rising Discord server, where the development team responds to fans.

But what is more interesting is that they say that the game will go up in price when it is finally released. The current 19.99 Usd will grow as new content arrives at the title. If you like it, run to buy it!