On the last day of this week, the League of Honor managed to put several teams on the ropes, showing a high level everywhere. New strategies are present every day within the Summoner’s Rift, and now the league teams are looking to overthrow the current champion. Still, the skull will not make things easy for them and will seek to remain undefeated.

The first duel of the day put Movistar Optix against Wolf Esports Club, starting with the selection of one of Leblanc in the hands of Neadz, who managed to show an excellent performance by keeping his rival on the sidelines, managing to generate pressure in fights with explosive damage supporting his team to get enough gold that would give him the advantage and with it they could close the game and take the victory.

In the second matchup, we saw Santiago Wanderers Esports against Dark Horse taking the aggressiveness from the cavalry side with a Syal using Jayce in the top lane that scaled very fast, doing some pretty heavy burst damage within team fights. that ended up leaving the rivals with little life, little by little the horses put the gallop to the fullest to take the victory in their favor.

During the third map, we saw Cruzados Esports against Meta Gaming, where GunPoint took a Xayah in the bot lane that little by little scaled phenomenally, managing to stop his rivals from obtaining a significant advantage that would be noticeable in team fights thanks to the protection of their allies, the crusader team would take the soul from the skies and end up closing the game in their favor.

The fourth game put New stars against Rebirth Esports, generating an aggressive game at the top for Burrito, who played with a Gwen at the top, managing to take an early advantage. The game gradually turned in favor of the stars passing over the birds during the confrontation, a game that was greatly favored thanks to the fights, and the stellar team managed to win the game.

Moving on to the fifth game, Maze Gaming fought against Furious Gaming, where Dargus conquered the phase of the line with a Tristana. The game looked perfect for the bulls team that took the advantage in good shape. However, the skull team gave the returned impressively in a team fight that allowed them to generate a pivotal point to take the victory.

Day 6 of the Chilean league ended, leaving Furious Gaming as the table leader who maintains their undefeated. The tournament teams are looking to topple the current champion, but they will have to wait as the action resumes the following week to get this opportunity.