V Rising has been available since May 17 in Early Access on Steam, and ever since then, the game has been all the rage and continues to break records. The indie game is rising to the top of the charts worldwide and establishing its success. Recently, V Rising has celebrated its concurrent player record with 150,000 vampires connected simultaneously in the game.

Following in the footsteps of the behemoth Valheim, the vampire survival/sandbox game more than akin to the Iron Gate game continues its rise and celebrates a new event today.

The million!
The survival game just announced its million-seller hit worldwide and thus evidences a phenomenal start for the creation of Stunlock Studios. The comparison with Valheim, the survival game based on Norse mythology, which had registered 3 million sales just 17 days after its launch, is inevitable. Therefore, there is still a week left for V Rising to prove itself and surpass its competitor, released a year earlier. However, it is difficult for now.

Translation of the Tweet: 1,000,000 vampires have awakened from their sleep! Thank you all for participating in this achievement!

V Rising is still the most played game on Steam, ahead of the behemoth Elden Ring, which lowers the bar a bit, not surprisingly.

What attracts players to V Rising?
Without a doubt, its gameplay, as well as its environment, are more than unique. First of all, the survival genre seems to fascinate in recent years, with games like Valheim or The Forest being big hits in the industry. But survival is better together, and V Rising has perfectly exploited this player’s penchant for cooperative survival, which has the benefit of bringing people together… or, at times, conflict.

Also, the vampire theme is very effective. If V Rising manages to stand out, it is mainly thanks to some rather daring mechanics based on the handicaps of these night creatures: don’t expect to be able to sunbathe if you expose yourself to it for more than 5 seconds. You will die.

In short, the combination of epic fights and a super-developed crafting system makes for a true gem of a video game that gamers all over the world never seem to get tired of. Who knows how the trend will develop in the coming weeks? Meanwhile, the game’s statistics are constantly increasing, and it is possible that V Rising will soon break all the records recorded by Valheim.