The renewed PlayStation Plus for PS4 and PS5 will be released around June 22 in Europe, offering its players three different offers, allowing them to access more or less exclusive content. But in some Asian countries, the new formula has been available since last Monday, so we already have feedback from those players. A specific group has shown discontent with an obvious situation.

The new PlayStation Plus
Starting June 22, users will be able to choose between three different PS Plus offers:
Playstation Plus Essentials (two downloadable games each month, exclusive discounts, cloud storage to save games, and access to online multiplayer)
PlayStation Plus Extra (PS Plus Essentials benefits, access to a catalog of around 400 of the best PS4 and PS5 games)
PlayStation Plus Premium (PS Plus Essentials and Extra benefits, over 340 additional games, including PS2, PSP, and PS3 classics, limited-time trials)
For players with a classic PS Plus subscription (therefore equivalent to PlayStation Plus Essentials), it is possible to upgrade, i.e., switch to a more expensive version, but one that offers access to more content. Subscribers who wish to upgrade to a more expensive subscription will need to pay the difference. So far, so good.

The offer of controversy
According to the testimony of a Reddit user located in Asia, what is problematic is the subscription upgrades purchased on promotion. On Reddit, @Andyppbb reports that players who bought the PS Plus subscription on sale and want to upgrade to a higher subscription must pay an additional sum. It is well known that sometimes PlayStation organizes promotional periods during which the PS Plus subscription runs out and is much cheaper.

For example, if a user paid for a subscription worth $100 at -25% ($75), they will have to pay $25 more if they want to upgrade to a higher level subscription.

Outraged, many players shared their discontent online, saying it was inadmissible to make promotions and collect the difference. Legally, however, PlayStation is not to blame. They may ask for compensation because it is an update and, therefore, another type of subscription.

Other problems
The PlayStation gaming community in Asia has also reported some issues with this new subscription. According to them, if a player has a classic annual subscription, it will be impossible for him to upgrade, not only for one month but for the entire subscription duration.

Also, the number of games in the catalog of different and premium versions is disappointing. According to them, we would be far from the more than 400 games announced by Sony.

Have the PlayStation teams worked on the “issues” reported by the community at this time? We will leave doubts on June 22! Of course, we will have to be patient because the new PlayStation Plus will arrive in Europe within a month.