V Rising’s multiplayer features server types that provide radically different experiences. From a simple private cooperative game with your friends to intense PVP modes in which you must have a more excellent knowledge of the world’s workings to try to survive.

Create a clan to progress faster
In our tips, we already told you to keep in mind during your first hour of play, but a reminder never hurts: if you play alone, you may have many problems progressing correctly.
We strongly recommend that you gather all your friends with you if you want to erect a castle worthy of Castlevania.

How do I invite someone to a clan?
Press P and type the name of the player you want to invite. The server rules determine the maximum number of people in a clan, so you can have fun on a private server by organizing small families of 20 vs 20.
clan chat
To talk to people in your clan wherever you are, enter the command /clan and then space in chat to switch to the group channel.
shared progress
Members of the same clan can now use other party members’ workshops to progress quickly through V Rising quests.

This combat system inherits many features from Battlerite, a purely PvP game. Still, many players can get excited about taking the plunge into V Rising and creating large groups to build a massive castle in co-op.
The potential is there. It’s undeniable that this component reserved for more experienced players should be a big hit if Stunlock improves its servers.