Evil Dead: The Game from Saber Interactive is a survival game similar to Left 4 Dead, where survivors should work together to achieve goals. The survivors are faced with a demon player, but they are not invincible. Instead, demons act as masters of dungeons, creating obstacles that players should overcome.

Do not be afraid of ominous dead

In the game, the dead are just a zombie, which are very easy to kill survivors. Although they can irritate one by one, in groups they create problems, which is why the survivors constantly stay together. The developers could unintentively persuade the dead either to more irritating or more powerful, but instead they managed to achieve the perfect balance. The murder of the dead never ceases to bring satisfaction.

The plot missions are good, but they are not as exciting as Survivors vs. Demons. More similar to mini-games, they demand from the players the passage of fragments of history to learn more about knowledge. At first they may seem intriguing, but their attractiveness passes quickly.

Murder with friends or death alone

You can play with AI or online with strangers or friends. This is a great team game. As a person, you feel vulnerable, but this does not mean that it is easy to kill you. Joint work becomes a natural part of the game, and by the end of each match, when the game becomes the most pleasant and tense, you really care about your teammates, including teammates with artificial intelligence. Not many games can do this, but Evil Dead does it every time.

At first, the game for the demon can disorient a little because of its speed, but when you get used to it, it will become very pleasant. You feel that you control the card and everything that happens, and if the survivors reach large control points, the game gives you the opportunity to send the dead everywhere. Despite the fact that at the beginning of each match nothing is heard about them, by the end, demon players become as present as the dead.

The Demon player can finish the match in physical shape to fight with the survivors, and this is just the perfect way to put an end to rivalry.

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Great level system and excellent mechanics

The card is quite large, but there are cars everywhere, which complements the card well. Despite its size, the region itself has a very beautiful aesthetics, and players will feel surrounded by evil, even when there is nothing to look at. It seems that a lot of effort has been applied to make the survivors more exciting, but it works here.

As the level increases, demons get more abilities and use them more often, and the survivor system helps them fulfill each task faster. It is very simple to pump the survivors, as you just add glasses to six characteristics. Although you get a little best advantages, such as more health and shield, they can be of great importance in close combat with the dead.

The weapon helps you plunge into the world, but they are so similar in characteristics that you really take only what you like to use. This is normal, since you can find your favorite weapon of any quality, so you can use the one you like the most, regardless of how far you are.

Verdict – buy

The best word for describing the “ominous dead: the game” would be “polished”, because it seems that they worked on all this until it sh1. It is easy to assume that Evil Dead: The Game is the Dead by Daylight clone, but it is very similar to Left 4 Dead. In fact, I would say that it took the formula and made her work in this universe. If you are looking for a game with the aesthetics of Horror, but not related to yourself too seriously, Evil Dead: The Game is your game.

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