Perhaps when they were young, they once had been in a huge robot that resembled human beings at high speeds and was in a fight with various firearms and energy swords. Of course, different people, and as they get older, the romance may have been peeled off like a pod. But beyond simply seeing the ‘romance’, the desire to own a plastic model or to experience indirectly in the game remains in the heart of the chest and start burning at a moment. Therefore, the mechanics and robots could have remained a media mix for a long time.

There were many such attempts in the game side. At one time in Korea, there were several works that stimulated the romance, including NCsoft’s ‘Xstill’. Unfortunately, the works are not currently found, but they remain in the hearts of various gamers. And the embers who wanted to achieve the dream of the unforced mechanic shooting action were also delivered to other developers. Hae -Sung Lee, CEO of Als Games, who is developing ‘Project Racers’, was one of the people who inherited the embers.

He did not dream of majoring in game development or becoming a game developer from the beginning. But he recalled that he became attracted to the charm as he learned ‘Xstill’ through an acquaintance. “At first, I was hoping for the web design field. But I was introduced to Extil from my acquaintances when I was in school. At that time, I was so shocking and I had to fall in. I started from the Gundam and made a mecha water and changed my major.”“* * Representative Lee Hae -sung unfortunately ended up with the service, and he has dreamed of developing an action shooting game that will save the romance of mechanic while studying game planning.

But the reality was not green. The mechanic action shooting genre was minor in the market, so I was interested and interested, but no one was to be with me. So I tried it by myself, but I faced the limit and took a plan and gathered people again. Finally, a total of four people will be projected.

Lee Hae -sung was in charge of planning and programming, and the team ‘AlS Games’, which consists of one sound team and two artists, has been organized as a business since February 2020 to develop ‘Project Racers’ in earnest. Ray, which means light, and Colossus, which means columnar, made the title name, and continued to develop in the midst of Corona 19. And after a year and a half, it was scheduled to be released in July 2021, but unexpected problems occurred and eventually had to design the code.

** “At first, I recruited a programmer separately, and when the programmer turned to another place and someone else came, the code clashed every time. I realized that the understanding of programming was really important. I started. Even though I couldn’t do it, I knew how the structure was created and accumulated and worked, and I would have left them and had a new one, but I would have been less difficult and less., I studied a new programming and rewritten the frame. I know it will sound like an excuse. I can only say I’m sorry.

▲ The sample video released in March, and since then, we have been working on reinforcement.

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After postponing the launch, improving the code structure as a whole, the system and content were reinforced. We once again maintained the framework of various contents such as single and multiplayer PVEs such as wave defense and boss challenge to prevent enemies from being pushed. Because of the asset production cost, he will focus more on the PVP side for a while, but he added that he is also thinking about content that is cooperated by several people to prevent enemy’s powerful aircraft, such as ‘Boss Raid’.

“It will be released in early May -early June, and at that point, we will introduce seven types of aircraft and then add three more aircraft with the next update. Some of the five parts of the bridge are customized with various parts, and the fun of customizing the aircraft according to their Playstyle has been implemented to some extent. Equipped with the skills, the same aircraft made it possible to play a different play. “

At the site, he has four main weapons (assassin -trickle, long -range rifon, shotgun) and four firepower weapons (energy blasters, missile launchers, multi missiles, bazooka) He demonstrated the in -shield and showed his skills for each weapon. Aiming enemies while starting at high speed, aiming enemies, quickly firing the weapons mounted on each part by left and right clicks, accumulating damage or changing them with melee weapons, and then taking great damage and overpowering them with a skill that caught them with melee weapons. I was able to confirm the practice. He could also be equipped with chips on the equipment to enhance performance or battle in different styles.

Since the release is not long, the remaining concerns are maintenance and updates. It is difficult for four people, and two art teams are also relaxing due to their condition hunting as the Corona 19 situation is prolonged. However, Lee Hae -sung explained that he would take a little longer and step by step after an early access.

“Once we launched early access, we will launch three new aircraft to proceed with the lobby screen or UI improvement first, and if you set up to some extent, we will strengthen the guild or community function in the second stage. It’s only in the current state, but I’ll expand it further and later wipe the foundation for community competitions such as Guild War, and at the end of the formal launch, I want to implement it in an open field form. It’s a form of entering the stage right away, but I want to feel like driving a mechanic in a wider and more vast place. “

In order to achieve that dream, the server was cited as a problem to be solved right now. It was unstable when I rented another server, and the data server and matching server were divided, so even though it seemed to be run normally, there were errors that could not be a response. In addition, it was one of the reasons for the release of the release by the mistake of the server consignment company. So I have been in probation for 10 months after the release of the release. He explained that it was the goal of the second half of this year to build a single server to prevent this problem.

** “This time, I would like to show users at the point of time. It contains the senses and romance of the mechanic shooting action, which defeats various enemy aircraft from the general to the heavyweight and assault level with a unique aircraft. In addition to mentioned now, I have a long -term vision. Usually, if the service is longer and new equipment or chip is added, existing equipment may be eliminated. It was also wiping. It was hard because it was a long and rough road, but I want to continue running to the place where it is hard to reach as it does not end with the release.