A new report from the NPD Institute has just placed Elden Ring ahead of Call of Duty Vanguard among the best-selling games in the last twelve months of the year. It’s still a small event for the logical continuation of the Dark Souls series and a monstrous record for a new franchise of its kind. Who will stop From Software’s steamroller? Everything indicates that it will be the queen of sales until 2023.

Elden Ring outsells CoD in the US.
Honestly, who would have thought that possible six months ago? The spiritual successor to a famous difficult or impossible series that usually only reaches an informed audience is now doing better in chat than one of the most mainstream series in the history of this medium. That’s crazy and great news because it means From Software’s efforts have paid off, and there’s room for players to experience more radical and exciting experiences (sorry, CoD fans) than xeroxed shooters year after year. Anus.

A disappointing 2021 call
So yes, the sales figures for Elden Ring are imposing, and the fact that they exceed those of an installment in the Call of Duty franchise is even more so. However, it should be noted that Activision’s series is in severe decline, and Vanguard is one of the series’ under-sellers. The game sold less than Modern Warfare or Black Ops: Cold War, relegating it to one of the worst sales records of the entire franchise for a long time.
According to Activision, this loss of interest is due to this work’s World War II context, an outdated theme that did not find its audience. On the player side, it’s not the same: Vanguard is simply a disappointing game that doesn’t meet the quality standards of the best episodes in the series, whether in single-player or multiplayer.