Some video games want to have you all al1. Other games, on the other hand, are much more generous with your attention and have nothing against it if you distract yourself with something else every now and then. We show you 8 games here that are perfect for your second screen.

Best Games Like GTA

In many video games you have to be full of concentration: You have to be constantly careful, information has to be found quickly and your timing must not deviate too much from expectations. While games like Elden Ring or Kingdom Hearts, for example, require your undivided attention with a high level of difficulty or an overly complex story , other games do not take it so precisely and give you significantly larger multi-actual freedom.

GTA, FIFA, Minecraft and more: Games for multi-tasks

Multi-tasking can be extremely useful for gamers in certain situations: since many video games have become longer in recent years and more and more reasons to provide you with more time with them, other things remain on the Route.

Who has time at the tide of content to invest hundreds of hours in games ** and at the same time to stay up to date with television series, films, documentation, podcasts and messages? Not to mention other activities away from screens.

It is all the better if games give you the option to gamble them on the side. So you can tap a little and at the same time stream the latest episode of your current favorite series. Open-World games such as Assassin’s Creed, GTA or Minecraft are particularly suitable for such a multi-tasks, whereby other games such as FIFA can also be played under the right conditions.

In our image series we show you eight games here, that you can easily play on your second screen .