Developer Twisted II Studio Plant this year the publication of Dark Fracture for Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Playstation 4 | 5 and PC.

In the psychological-cosmic horror game, players explore a constantly changing world in the First Perspective. You make you the inner turmoil and chaos of your character and turns on the edge of madness.

Action of Dark Fracture

Dark Fracture plays in the late 1990s in a remote, wooded region in the rural USA. She slips into the role of Edward, an employee of a mortuary, which is plagued by his past and only in medicine that helps him to survive the day is comfortable.

Edward is hardly able to cope with his personal problems, which are still strengthened by his life in loneliness. He gives him bravely and is durable every day to work. His routine serves him as the only anchor, but deep in his inner bodies it…

One night, during the dreaded midnight layer, a chain of disturbing events means that Edward is increasingly losing the relation to reality. The structure of his world seems to unravel and twist. His at home of recent years is pulled away under his feet. The cruel hand of fate once again pushes him into the catastrophe. A disaster that threatens Edwards at home in shadows.

Is it just his mind, who plays his pranks? Or maybe there is really a dark, that staples his heels and threatens to pull him in the depths? The developer relies on that you find out: the decisions you meet will determine the outcome of his frightening story. He is trapped between a world of horror, those of the works of a H.R. Is inspired, and the unfriendly reality of the corpse farm from which he comes from. Survive a double nightmare in Dark Fracture!

Dark Fracture - Full Gameplay Walkthrough (Freaky Psychological Horror Game 2021)
We have integrated you the one current trailer and three previously published teasers for the game.