NetEase Games announced that the new conquest season “Tsukubasai Hyogai Comfort” starts at the Season System for Smartphone, the Seasons for Smartphones to Be in-house.

“Daisaku Shui Infinite BORDERS” (hereinafter referred to as “Daikuji”) is a seasonal system for smartphones that Netease Games handle. As a pioneer in the season system, it is a super-big work that attracts attention not only to players but also from industry officials. In China, the 3D version appeared in June 2019, especially in June 2019.

Even in Japan with many three national fans, we appreciate hot support from many players. At the timing of the 2019 and 2020 version upgrade, ranked multiple times in TOP10 in sales ranking. 4, was selected as “the strongest three countries smartphone games” in several major game media in Japan.

# World’s First Season Systems Light Simulation Game “Daisaku”

Traditional smartphone simulation games have the problem that the new and old users are dipolar. Therefore, in “Daikoku”, we introduced a season system for the first time in the simulation game of the smartphone.

After completion of one season (75-90 days), while maintaining the factors acquired by the warlords and war law, you will only reset the elements that have a large impact on the strength, such as warlord levels and building resources. By doing this, it succeeded in maximizing the difference between the new and old users while securing the value of the existing user until now. I was able to avoid getting lost, which is a core element of the simulation game.

In addition, “Daisuji” is also committed to reproducing the old battlefield where a fierce battle is unfolded in the immersive sandbox world and the elements of a rich three kingdom. This element could also form a unique advantage that violates other three kingdoms games.

# Characteristics and attraction of new conquest season “Tsujikai complex”

In history, there are many battles that instruments such as huge siege weapons contributed to victory. For example, in the spring and autumn era, the place of place to play a large amount of siege equipment and has been attacked by the kidney and the sandbank who specializes in the census equipment of the Kingdom.

In the treasury period, progress of crafts and technology has become more and more and more and more attacking instruments appear on the battlefield. Even in the battle of the banner, the celebrity instrument has a big hit in the 袁 bar. According to the history book, it was said that it was “Saio Yoshio, Shiori, Breaking, Freaky, Introducts.

We want to experience the realistic three kinshi battle using a huge instrument, and think that you want to feel the sense of immersion, and the various offensive equipment and buildings will appear Have prepared. This update has three features:

# New instrument play mode

“Daisaku” is always working on reproduction of old battlefields with reality. We plan to pursue reality in the new season, and implement siei instruments such as “霹靂”. The factor of the instrument has not been rare among the Sanjin’s Seasoning Landscase Simulation Games?

As noted in historical materials, 霹靂 is a huge instrument that attacks enemy armies from far, or a huge instrument that can destroy buildings, and it is likely to intimidate the enemy like thunder while the battlefield You can

In addition, in the new season, we have corrected to the terrain according to the use of instruments. Some castles of each province are described as “heavy prosthesis”, and heavyweight and state peaching can use special instruments, so Mother will play a larger role in the battlefield. Since utilization of ground and corresponding instruments is required, new possibilities are spreading on strategic aspects.

# New battlefield armatable

Besides “霹靂”, many new battlefield armatives appear. You can attack buildings if you use “Supplement”, and you can get attacked by moving the unit to the other side with a narrow river if there is a “Tsukooma bridge”. In addition, you can uplever the mobility of the unit if you leverage the “base nest”.

These implementations will need to consider more possibilities than ever before attacking. It is up to the player’s arms if you can use characteristics and performance different instruments. If these new instruments bring any variables to the battlefield, please play and experience the game!

# Rich Effect & Visual Design

In the reproduction of the realistic battlefield with reality, I was particular about the visual design of the huge instrument. I think that it is also focused on effects and you can taste the power when using the instrument.

The new Conquest Season “Tsujikai Comfort” brings a rich effect and a beautiful visual design when operating a variety of instruments, bringing a novel game visual experience and a sense of immersive game. It will be possible.

# New Conquest Season “Tsubaki Comfort” officially released on March 24!

New Conquest Season of “Daikuji” The Season “Tsujikai Comfort” starts an entry on March 16, 2022. And it is officially released on March 24, and a new conquest season will arrive. For everyone who is playing “Daikujinoshu”, this “Tsukudai Complex” season brings a new experience, and it would be appreciated if you can get a wonderful “history”!
Under the 溥, the non-king is huge. Running soil, the district of the 土 臣 莫 莫 莫.

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