Just before the trend-setting top game against SV Darmstadt 98 on Saturday (20:30) Werder Bremen plague again after weeks full of euphoria. Is the direct rebuilt into the football Bundesliga again in danger?

In the eleventh game under New coach Ole Werner, Werder Bremen suffered the first defeat last weekend at the 1st FC Heidenheim.

“It got us again after a long time and now shows how we handle it – also with the staff topics. We have a week to prepare us on Darmstadt. We look forward to the game very much before sold-out house in the Weserstadion “Werner accounted for the press confluence after the setback in the Voith Arena.

Werder Bremen pain numerous failures

In doing so, pain is not only the missed points, but rather the long-term failures of Captain Ömer Toprak, Marco Friedl and Mitchell Weiser. They are barely replaceable columns in the Bremen backman.

The fact that on Thursday also a positive coronatest at Torjäger Marvin Ducksch was added, was the nearest bad news for the green-white.

Given the setback in Heidenheim and the precarious staffing situation, Werner stands in front of his first difficult probationary sample in Bremen.

So far, the former coach of Holstein Kiel turned out for Werder as absolute happiness. Already last summer was the 33-year-old on the list of Wernerschef Frank Baumann.

But only after the IMFSpass affair and the resignation of predecessor Markus beginning it came to cooperation, so to speak in the second start.

Nine victories in ten games for Werder Bremen

After 40 Years in the Bundesliga - Goodbye SV Werder Bremen

Under Werner reach the Bremen incredible nine victories in ten games and thus an impressive catch-up hunt.

Werner brought back the joy of playing to the Easter dike. The team convinced with offensive football. In addition, she presents itself again as a unit. Especially in narrow and critical lots (as at 4: 3 in Paderborn), this new strength was shown.

The necessary self-confidence has also returned – and also the enthusiasm around the Weser Stadium, for which the negative news of the past days (for the time being) are only a small damper.

Darmstadt 98 has “Bock” on the duel with Werder Bremen

But also opponent Darmstadt does not need to hide. The team of coach Torsten Lieberknecht travels as a league leader in the far north. The lilies have been playing their best two-league season since 1980.

“We have worked hard on the situation and the top games as in Bremen. Everybody has it on it,” Captain Fabian Holland looked full of anticipation of the duel with Werder.

The chest in the third-best Away team of the league could hardly be wider after five unbeaten games.

“We have to score, dots, score,” did favorite favorite even from the actually disappointing 1: 1 most recently against Sandhausen something positive.

In view of the strong competition and the narrow table situation, this march route is understandable. Because in the end it can be exactly this one counter that makes up the difference. “The stability of the team is there for what else comes,” Lieberknecht said.

“We have to be very alert against Werder Bremen”

Even the scary start of the season, the early in the first round of the DFB Cup at 1860 Munich or the History 0: 5-Heimschatsche in early February against HSV did not abundance in the club. “Because,” says Lieberknecht then, “on the table hardly changed something.”

With the ease of the Underdog, the usual aggressive battle behavior and the grown self-confidence, Darmstadt now also wants to exist against Werder on Saturday.

“If you win such highlight games, you are right up. Or just not,” Torkeeper Marcel shoes brought the starting position to the point.

Loveknecht warned despite the numerous failures before the upcoming opponent: “We have to be very alert against Werder Bremen – no matter who will play with them after the failure of Marvin Ducksch in the offensive.”

Dominik Kenter