Players who have already completed the Parkour Challenge Flying Scorpion, which appeared two days ago in Dying Light 2 Stay Human, have already gotten a little taste of the exciting new content.

There are four more challenges on you in The City. These invite all parkour fans to complete very different exams in the game and to master the parkour – like one of the developers of Techland in the new episode of D2K: at the Fish Eye.

From today, all players are available four new exciting tests. On TechlandGG, the locations of all five challenges can be viewed. In addition, players can secure a Wyvern paraglider skin. A picture is here as a taste:

Dying Light 2 - Stay Human - Try Yourself With The New Parkour Challenges!
The locations of the four challenges as well as the first challenge introduced on Tuesday, Flying Scorpion can be found on the map below. Other challenges for Dying Light 2 Stay Human will follow this month.

Techland also released the first episode of D2K: At The Fish Eye, a new series, which focuses on the time after the publication of Dying Light 2 Stay Human, the life of the developers and the events directly from The City.

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