Dying Light 2: Stay Human will head to Nintendo Switch via cloud, pretty much like other titles such as Hitman 3 and Control. It should be noted, however, that franchise fans who wish to play the Platinum edition of the original game during their travels can also start doing it on their SWITCH consoles next month.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human - The Only Way Out - Main Quest Walkthrough

“_On imagined Dying Light on Nintendo Switch for a very long time,” said Agnesa Belegu, chief game designer. “_Enter in the free movement of Parkour and exploring our deadly open world has never been a climb of adrenaline. “

As seen in the previously published Dying Light graph, the physical edition of the game will also present some welcome features. The version boasts some of the equivalents of PS4 and Xbox One features, and also would also include four DLCs and 17 packs of skins. That said, it is clear that the Nintendo Switch players of the Dying Light Franchise will have a lot to dig.

The Flexibility of the Switch helps you immerse yourself in our world and makes you feel physically involved, with the flow of movement and the visceral fight improved by the dynamic haptic return and the control of the movement“, added Belegu.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human will come out day and date with other console versions on February 4th. In addition, a free demo of the game will also be launched in parallel. This means that players can check if they get a good quality stream with the connection they have. They can even try the online multiplayer of the game in groups of up to four players if they wish.

Dying Light Platinum Edition will also be launched on Nintendo Switch on October 19th. Players can buy the game for $ 49.99, as well as its four DLCs and 17 packs of skins. It would also have a touch screen navigation, a gyroscopic sight and a specially designed HD ruble for the switch. It will have online cooperation and can also be played locally by simply connecting two Switch consoles nearby.