[Data provided: Korea E-Sports Association]

** \ – DRX, confirmed playoffs… Guangdong Prix-T1, 7 per week, add 3 wins to the top team

** \ – The regular league 180 match 140 match digestion… The remaining 2 weeks resulting on the playoffs

Four rounds of the official 2-year-old League League ‘2022 LCK Challenger Rig Spring’, the first game of the first game begins with the game of Kia and KT Roluster today (7 days).

In the past 7 parking, DRX was 23 wins and five losses to finalize the 6th round of playoffs. The second-round crew Kia and the third KT Rolvent have been in addition to adding a wins last week, but Guangdong Prix added 3 wins and climbed up the KT Roluster.


T1, which has ended the isolation of Corona, was followed by the third consecutive victory, three consecutive wines, and the next five (15 wins 13 loss). If the two teams added 3 wins, the ranking is likely to reverse the ranking if the multiplier is stacked in the fourth round.

The LCK Challenger League Spring has been digested to 140 matches of 180 matches, leaving only four rounds of regular. The fourth round of the first broadcasting game is from 5 pm on the 7th, Circle Kia and KT Rolvents, T1 and Nongshim Red Force, DRX and Guangdong Prix, Pretit Brille, Ribs Sandbox, Hanwha Life E Sports and Yen Easpot.

Lineup is released on a 30-minute of every hour from the LCK Challenger Rig Official Instagram and Facebook , and the various content related to the LCK Challenger Rig is a new reorganized official website * *, I can check through the Instagram and Facebook, Twitter **.

On the other hand, in the ‘Dream Stage’ where the story of the athletes who debuted in the LCK Challenger League, the story of the DRX ‘tax’ Song Kyung-jin was released on the first day. Through a sudden emergency callup, I played with a “laft” Kim Hyuk-kyu, on February 9th, and I can listen to the POG’s testimony.

The LCK Challenger Rig is hosted by the LCK Corporation, operated by the Korea E-Sports Association, and VSPN Korea is broadcasting, respectively, and our banks participate as sponsors.

Broadcasting game is a moving caster and a ‘Cockwick’ high-welcome, ‘Lira’ Naver game from 5 pm Naver game e Sports , Twitch , Africa TV * * You can watch it. On Thursday and Friday, the non-broadcasting match is again available on the same day at 8 pm, highlights are released on the LCK Challenger League at 11 pm official YouTube, Naver Gaming E Sports, Africa TV.