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Steam phenomenon: 3-euro

The small Indie-Game Vampire Survivors has developed on Steam a tangible phenomenon. But this is not just at the low price, but also at the incredibly motivating game mechanics.

Vampire Survivors: Simple, but awesome

More than 65,000 positive reviews on Steam and Fast 27,000 active players at the time of the emergence of this article – the retro survival game Vampire Survivors is a madness success!

Above all, this success has two reasons. First of all, the Indie-Game costs of developer PONCLE only 2,39 euros and secondly is the game principle simple, but ingenious .

You are looking for a game character and fought after endless hordes in different creatures. Your hero lends on record time and unleashes greater attacks that stretch the entire screen after a few minutes.

Doctors your figure, you can buy buffs with the won money, which give you an advantage at the next attempt. This is how fast develops the classic “a round is still” feel , as you become permanently powerful as a player.

The Best $3 Game on Steam? | Vampire Survivors

Easy to learn, but hard to master

In Germany, the indie-hit benefits mainly through large Youtuber how Handofblood , whose videos to Vampire Survivors reach several hundred thousand views .

But even in the English-speaking area, the survival game enjoys great popularity. So you can find on YouTube Various videos to the best tactics to survive as long as possible in the game.

Because as simple the game principle is, only with the right strategy and the matching power-ups the end boss can be defeated.

In addition, the Early Access Game is regularly updated with new content update. So even old hare will always encourage a new round to venture.

Pokemon: most expensive Glurak

Pokémoncards have been experiencing their second spring for several years. Those who still have well-preserved, rare cards has, can therefore even finance a whole house. Like, for example, with a Glurak card, which has now set up the record, to be the most expensive card of this kind at all. This is due to your perfect condition: It was equipped by the rating company PSA with the evaluation “PSA 10 Gem Mint” – it is not better.

Glurak card achieves absolute record price

Expensive Glurak so far: The US version of the first holo-glorak edition without shadows of 1999 represents something like the Holy Grail for Pokémonsammler * Inside. Only if the condition is so excellent, as in this case. The card has now changed the owner to an absolute record price and thus represents the most expensive Glurak card.

So much has cost you: $ 420,000 US dollars were paid for this special Glurak. There are more expensive pokemoniacards, but not many and not more expensive glorak. However, a similar Glurak has already been sold for the proud 369,000 US dollars. Rapper Logic has not paid $ 220,000 for the same card at all too long.

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Charizard Pokemon card sells for more than $400,000, setting record
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What is it? on the condition. PSA 10 Gem Mint is the highest possible rating, so the perfect condition. This card has never been kinked, spotted and has no scratches, stains or other signs of wear. She was obviously hunted like an eyeball and that is now paying off.

What is the most expensive pokémon card? There is a Pikachu Illustrator card, which has always broken the absolute record. Most recently, it was sold for just under a million US dollars (via Gamerant). However, in a suboptimal state, the rating was just near Mint 7. So even here there is still air up.

What is the most valuable pokémon card that you ever obsessed?

Senegal celebrates Mane and pulls the World Cup ticket in the laser

Senegal's FULL AFCON trophy lift ???? | AFCON 2021 Moments
Senegals Coach Aliou Cissé, who had lost the first leg with his protégés with Egypt’s decisive Duel’s WM ticket with Egypt, which was just under 0: 1, demanded this time from the start of a lot of bite. And his players came up with bite and pure greed, pressed the well-known opponent (4: 2 I.e. Only in the final of the Africa Cup beaten) in the back and early to the 1-0.

Egypt’s coach Carlos Queiroz had to watch here in the Stade Me Abdoulaye, as a free kick of the hosts had not been clarified by his team well enough, before Hamdi Fathi finally runs the own goal shortly before his own box (4.).

Laser over laser

Apart from a few final attempts, this game subsequently muted into a manageable number. Fouls, mistakes, discussions and even smaller packs inhibited the game flow basically until the 90th minute completely. From a neutral point of view, the little had to do with a intoxicating football festival, which was also on the ranks on many spectators. Because here, countless people were equipped with laser pointers, with which players were constantly distracted and the referee distracted.

All in all, the domestic lions of Teranga were the playful better and also pleasing team, while Egypt’s figurehead, Salah really came very little constructive. His Liverpooler teammate Mané was already involved in Senegalese side – and failed approximately in the 63rd minute. But because his teammate ismaila Sarr short before the expiration of the regular playing time released free of goalkeeper El-Shenawy (82.), it went to the extension.

Here, the decision had to fall in favor of the Senegal in the first 15 minutes, but did not do it due to Hexer El-Shenawy. The gatekeeper namely rescued Ismaila Sarr (92nd), Pape Abou Cissé (94th) as well as against Ismaila Sarr (96th) and Pape Abou Cissé (104th).

Samples Mané and Salah

The logical consequence of it, because the Egyptian offensive department continues to find nothing: the penalty shootout. As already on February 6, 2022, when the Senegal had triumphed with 4: 2 I.e. Over Egypt (Mané at that time with the 4: 2, Salah as the fifth contactors no longer in use), the nerve crimi had to bring the decision again.

And what a thriller that was: First of all, Koulibaly, Salah, CISS and ZIZO turned successively before Ismaila Sarr opened with the 1-0 for the Senegal (here’s the ticker). It followed the 1: 1 of Al-Sulaya, 2: 1 of Dieng and the parade of Chelsea-Keeper Mendy at the duel with Egypt’s Mostafa Mohamed. Thus, as in the Africa Cup final, Mané had the decision on the foot – and thundered the ball in the art of victory in the stitches. Once again Salah had to mourn with his men while the Senegal broke the World Cup ticket for the winter big tournament in Qatar in conceivable dramatic way in the capital Dakar. * *

Ghana also

The group draw for the World Cup will take place next Friday (Live! At Abou Cissé in the detailed ticker) – with a African view there is then outsider Ghana, which was still sang and tallier at Africa Cup. The nation now for the fourth time for the World Championship nation around Thomas Partey, the St. Paulianer Kyereh or the Kiel Wriedt claimed after the 0-0 in the first leg now thanks to the still applicable in the FIFA away from a 1-1 at Favorite Nigeria.

Vers une version Classic de Wrath of the Lich King ?

In August 2019, Blizzard Relanted the original version of World of Warcraft in Classic version. Since then, World of Warcraft Classic regularly enriches historical updates of the MMORPG and June of last year, Blizzard opened servers Burning Crusade Classic integrating the contents of the first extension of the game.

Wrath of The Lich King: Classic
Does the developer plan to chain with a classic version of Wrath of the Lich King , World of Warcraft’s second extension, initially launched at the end of 2008? It seems likely and the logical extension of the operation of wow classic .

And all the more today, while players indicate on social networks that have received a Blizzard questionnaire asking them about their interest in a classic version of the next extension. We remember that it was already that Blizzard had gauged the interest of the players for the Classic version of Burning Crusade and a small year after sending the survey, the Burning Crusade Classic servers were actually deployed.
And at the same time, by examining the contents of the Burning Crusade Classic, MMO-Champion recently identified directories entitled “interface-wrath”, including some changes made to the MMORPG in particular relating to the Knight of Death, the class of hero of Wrath of the Lich King.

If Blizzard does not communicate details at this time, we imagine that a Classic version of Wrath of the Lich King is at least under study in the developer’s teams, and could be deployed in the coming months.

To the deployment of the March “Heart of Madness” update of New World

Sketched at the beginning of the month, March’s Mars of New World , “Heart of Madness”, will ultimately be deployed on _Live_MMORPG servers today from 14h ** (time of Paris). And if everything takes place as expected, the maintenance should last two hours before the recovery of the servers.

By then, the Amazon Games teams detail the content of the update in a long note of patch – which integrates moult bug fixes, adjustments and rebalancing. The update also obviously gives its share of new content, starting with the conclusion of the current narrative arc of the MMORPG and which gives its name to the update: the “heart of madness” is That of Isabella, which will be pursued in the mountain of the High Chaos via a series of quests, before confronting it in the new instance of the update, heart of the storm, designed for five players at least level 60, with equipment scores between 550 and 570.


Legends of Aeturnum: The history of Isabella

As we know, the update also unlocks a new weapon, Timbllon , with its two skill trees: control that allows to hinder the mobility of its targets to better align them with an end or remote end; or chaos articulated around zone attack. The studio adds a new series of legendary weapon quests.


NEW WORLD Trouble Overview

New World March Update - Heart of Madness LIVE!!!!! 8 A.M. Tomorrow! Get Ready!!!
At the same time, we also remember that Amazon Games teams wanted to value the open world of New World and encourage players to explore it. The update therefore incorporates a series of adjustments to make this universe more user-friendly and especially a series of activities before encourage exploration – by venturing on the island of Aeturnum, the players will be able to Being confronted with various events that may report rewards, such as discovering remarkable panoramas in the world of play, treasure research or unusual meetings.

The update will be available in the afternoon and already, the developer prepares the following . It is known that this summer, Amazon Games will offer an additional expedition posing the basics of new stories (Barnacles and Black Powder) and should deploy a group search tool for MMORPG dungeons.
In the fall, New World should be enriched by a new land to explore, the territory of Brimstone Sands that the developer presents as a vast desert country with new mechanics, an unprecedented instance and contents both PVE and PVP.

Release dates of Uncharted Digital and 4K Blu

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Uncharted - Exclusive First 10 Minutes (2022) Tom Holland, Mark Wahlberg

If you only saw a Tom Holland movie during the pandemic, it is likely that it has been Spider-Man: No Way Home, who beat records. However, the turn of him like Nathan Drake in the adaptation of Sony’s uncharted video game had a solid performance, raising more than $ 350 million around the world to date. If you missed it in the cinemas or you just loved the movie, you’ll be glad to know that Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has announced that Uncharted will be available in digital format on April 26 and at 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD on April 10..

The details of the anticipated order of Uncharted are available next to details about the additional features that include deleted and extended scenes, images behind scene, comments from the Director and more. Note that a limited editing Steelbook option appeared here at Amazon (in the photo below) that includes a replica of the ring necklace using Tom Holland in the film.

Book uncharted in digital format :

Uncharted reservation at 4K Blu-ray, Blu-ray and DVD :

Special functions: 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and Digital

  • Eliminated and extended scenes
  • Short films behind scene
    • Become Nathan Drake
    • Breakdown of great action: C-17 GlobeMaster
    • Bringing the course: on the set with Ruben Fleischer
    • Never bored: acrobatics and action
    • The Friends System
    • Villains, traitors and accomplices
  • Comment with Director Ruben Fleischer


Synopsis :

The street thief Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) is recruited by the experienced Treasure Hunter Victor «Sully» Sullivan (Mark Wahlberg) to recover a fortune lost by Ferdinand Magellan 500 years ago. What begins as a work of robbery for the duo becomes a career of white knuckles and knuckles to reach the prize before the ruthless Moncada (Antonio Banderas), who believes that he and his family are legitimate heirs. If Nate and Sully can decipher the tracks and solve one of the oldest mysteries in the world, they will be able to find $ 5 billion in treasures and maybe even to Nate’s lost brother… but only if they can learn to work together.

How to get unlimited master keys at Tiny Tinas Wonderlands and what are they used for

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands offers players the classic shooting action and looting of Borderlands with a touch DND. Renouncing the futuristic scenario for a fantasy theme, the game sees players choose their class and embark on an epic adventure narrated by the iconic character of Borderlands through a world full of fun moments and fantastic enemies, not to mention a lot of booty to get your hands. us. In this guide, we will explain how to get master keys at Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands so you can use them to get some of the rare booties in the game.

GET UNLIMITED SKELETON KEYS RIGHT NOW! | Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Skeleton Key Glitch

Why are the master keys used?

The master keys are used to open the skeletal chest, which is at the foot of the statue next to the steps leading to the castle in Brighthoof.

Open the chest will reward you with a rare and powerful booty, which can be particularly useful to try to get better rolls of powerful weapons.

Get master keys in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

The master keys can only be obtained by removing Shift codes, which are often shared on the Twitter account of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Gearbox’s official Twitter account, as well as Randy Pitchford, Gearbox Entertainment Company Executive Director, also share some Shift codes for Skeleton Keys, so it’s worth following them too!

While this is the only method to get Skeleton Keys, there is currently a small exploit that players can use to get several keys of a single SHIFT code.

Glitch of Infinite Skeleton Keys explained

As the YouTuber Pugly pointed out, players can redeem the Shift codes several times following a few steps. However, this implies disconnecting and connecting the console at the system level, so it implies a little work, but it is worth it.

  • Canject a Shift code in your account with which you have logged in to Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Cuayo However, collects the key in the game menu. Leave it in the “mailbox” section of the SHIFT menus.
  • Go to the Xbox network settings and select ‘Disconnect’. In PlayStation, go to the network configuration and uncheck the box ‘Connect to the Internet’. PC players must turn off their Wi-Fi from the option in the lower right corner of the screen or disconnect their Ethernet cable.
  • Load the game and, while it is disconnected, you can select the option ‘Accept Element’ in the master key in your ‘mailbox’.
  • Salt of the game and reload it. Now I should be able to exchange the Skeleton Key from his mailbox again.
  • Rinse and repeat this method to get infinite master keys of a single code.

_ Beware that Gearbox Software is likely to solve this very quickly, since it is a bit innovative if it does it to get hundreds of master keys. Credit A Pugly once again to discover the fault._

That’s all you need to know about How to get master keys at Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands .

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Oscar for basketball

THE QUEEN OF BASKETBALL Accepts the Oscar for Documentary Short

The former basketball superstar Shaquille O’Neal and the current basket man Stephen Curry have won an Oscar. Both are co-producers of the 22-minute film “The Queen of Basketball”, which was awarded in the category Best Short Documentation. He is about Lusia Harris, who had scored the first basket in the history of the Olympic Games in 1976 and was the first wife of a team from the NBA in 1977. The Oscar won the best major actor wants Smith for his role in “King Richard”. The film is about Richard Williams, who shaped his two daughters Serena and Venus to Tennis World Stars. At the ceremony, Smith caused a scandal when he puffed presenter Chris Rock on open stage. Rock had allowed himself a bad joke over the wife of Smith.

Will Smith explodes against Chris Rock in the middle of the Oscars

The night of the Óscar is usually remembered by all the winners and memorable speeches. However, in today’s ceremony we witnessed a pretty uncomfortable event, and one that is unknown if it was a planned joke or not. Unexpectedly, Will Smith , who is nominated for Best Actor by king Richard, hit Chris Rock, one of the presenters of the ceremony.


Before presenting the Best documentary award, Chris Rock made a joke about alopecia, illness that causes hair loss, who suffers Jada Pinkett Smith, Wel Smith’s wife. This was not grace for the main actor of king Richard, is so he stopped furious, and hit him . Following that, Smith made a series of aggressive comments, and he demanded Rock that he will stop making jokes about him.

As always, the Internet did not contain, and they already made a couple of memes.

Although some might think that this was a planned joke, this was not the case . Smith’s fury was real, and a moment that will happen to the history of the Óscar. You can check all the winners of this event here.

Tease! Wotlk Classic in Official Wow

WoW Classic was unarmewily a great success for the World-of-Warcraft developers at Blizzard, and the Classic version of Burning Crusade suggested like a bump – if not quite as crass like Wow Classic. Since it is for the fans of the online role-playing game – or should we now say “the online role-playing games”? – As sure as the butter on the bread and the Amen in the church that is published by Blizzard in not too farther future WoW Wrath of the Lich King Classic. Or… or not?

The meruff of the WOW community

Was there a WOW earlier for all players, there are now at least four WOW versions: WoW Classic, Wow Classic Season of the Championship, Wow Classic Burning Crusade and Wow Shadowlands, the live version. And if you look very closely, there’s even a PTR community, but let’s leave that.

So there are already several WoW versions and with Wotlk Classic would still be added. This inevitably results in another combination of the community, because hardly a WOW fan plays all versions of the popular online role-playing game with the same intensity. On the other hand, every gamer can find the WOW that appeals to him most – a freedom to be underestimated.

quo wowdis, blizzard?

We are sure Wow Wotlk Classic comes, after all, Wrath of the Lich King is the enlargement par excellence for many veterans and enjoyed enormous popularity. But Blizzard is also sure that Wotlk should bloom in old splendor? We can not be 100 percent of 100 percent, which tells us at least the official WOW survey, which seems to have received some WOW players all appearance.

Wow-fan Chadwiko writes at Reddit that a guild colleague from him received a survey of Blizzard. The topic: Wotlk Classic.

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Wotlk Classic – How probably would you play that?

WOTLK CLASSIC CONFIRMED? - New Surveys & Wotlk News!

The question that is known to us is simple: Blizzard find out whether the interest in a Classic version of World of Warcraft (Buy Now): Wrath of the Lich King is big enough to be worthwhile. Whether more topics are folded out in this survey, we are unknown. But the question alone is already important enough, right? How does your answer fall? How likely is it that your Wotlk Classic plays?

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