The hunting grounds of the flat song check the feet of ela in three separate trials called “silent robbery”, “silent blow” and “testing of silent slip.” The use of a tree skills of the saboteur will help in this test, but there are many ways to hide from the machines for each test. Smoky checkers and barrels, full smoke, is an easy way to go through it without any problems.

Silent robbery

Conditions for Silent robbery simple, as they do not participate in battle. In this area there will be three cache with supplies, and the players will have to rob each of them, without being noticed in the allotted time. Scanning Machines with focus and Mark They will keep them marked. Tracking machines Tracking takes care that Elau also saw the machine patrol route. The use of flue checkers and various barrels around the Arena will allow an eloe to stay hidden enough to pick up everything in less than three minutes. Override The machine will still allow an eloe to open caches with supplies if the players decide to make the boiler in advance.

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silent kick

The second problem of hunting land plain songs is silent blow . It makes an ael to clean the car imperceptibly. Using the same methods as in testing with silent mortality, players can stay out of sight before encountering each machine and destroy it. Punch from above – one of the most effective ways to complete this test for the allotted time, as there are seeds from which you can jump.

Silent slip

That silent slip does not require the use of smoke and is the simplest of the three tasks that need to be performed quickly. At the very beginning of Ela, it can very quickly slide by car. As you need to kill only two cars, players can look at them to cling to the pillar, and then jump off it for another rapid destruction.

That infiltrator in the skill tree there are several skills that can be very useful for all three tests. That low-profile , quiet movement And also Stels Stalker All skills make it difficult to detect an elo, do not require many skills points and are very useful skills for use in the rest of the game.

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