For the fans of The Lord of the Rings are likely to have been a fear of joy for the past days and weeks. At first there was a first teaser trailer to see the Amazon series the rings of power to see, recently followed the first pictures with some of the characters. But how is it actually with the rumor around very relaxed scenes with sex and even naked skin ? In this regard, the Showrunner Patrick McKay now made clarity.

Sex in the Lord of the Rings Series?

Already in October 2020 there was a report of the magazine Theonering, accordingly Amazon allegedly the intimate coordinator Jennifer Ward-Lealand for the filming of the Lord of the Rings: the rings of power in New Zealand had been involved. Allegedly, she should ensure that in the Lord of the Rings series, tasteful sex scenes would be visible. Many fans therefore feared that the Amazon series would emulate Game of Thrones or The Witcher.

This says the showrunner to the sex rumors

In an interview with the magazine Vaniy Fair, Showrunner Patrick McKay gave these rumors a cancellation. Accordingly, it will no sex scenes in the Lord of the Rings: give the rings of power. According to his statements, it will be a series for everyone, so also for children the 11, 12 or 13 years old. Although scary and scary scenes are to be expected, but exaggerated a lot naked skin or even sexual actions are not to be expected. [H2]

When will the Lord of the Rings appear: The rings of power? [/ H2] Only recently had Amazon had announced that the starting signal for the rings of power on September 2, 2022 will fall at the streaming service Amazon Prime video. The Season 1 The Lord of the Rings Series includes a total of eight episodes. Much of the filming took place in New Zealand, but has been affected several times by the Corona Pandemic. Amazon has already given green light for Season 2 of the series.

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