Dying Light - How To Locpick Hard and Very Hard Locks Easily!! Find Rare Loot & Weapons!
Open World Action RPG Ding Light 2 Stay Human ” ** The special breakthrough method of keyed door is attracting attention with overseas forum reddit increase.

Usually, you need to make familiar picking in the various games that change the correct answer little by little while changing the locked door with “Ding Light 2”. However, using the method reported in REDDIT, this process should be completely skipped. This method is “Bash” which is one of Pulkour Skills.

Originally “Bash” is a skill that repudes tackles into the dash. It is sufficiently powerful even if it is used for that purpose, but according to the REDDIT user LongJumping-OWL-2684, it is possible to open the door even if it is locked when used towards the door. If you try it actually, there was a door that does not open even with this method, but it was possible to open this in most cases.

In addition, as the REDDIT’s comment is reported well, the door to be opened in the quest during verification encountered a defect that the progress will stop when it was opened with this method. Although the game is resolved by rebooting the game, it may be used to keep the door that is not related to the quest to use this method until some action is made.