The players of League of Legends will soon have a new champion available. Renata Glasc has been presented by Riot Games in a mysterious way and everything points out that her premiere will not wait. The developer had promised two new characters during the first patches of the 12 season and, although Zeri has just arrived, they had also warned that he would spend very little time between the debut of the shooter and the launch of a new support.

The release date more likely for Renata

Riot Games has carried out the presentation of Renata Glasc with a mysterious website in which you barely offer advances about the gameplay of it. However, it does not seem casual that they have chosen to do it in the days prior to the beginning of a new cycle in the PBE. These updates to the test server are the moment you usually use the developers to present characters and aspects , in order that the community helps polish statistics or eliminate bugs before the official launch.

Nothing indicates that the developer is going to take exceptional measures on this occasion, so the key dates would be the following:

  • Skills revealed : before Wednesday, February 2
  • Launch at the PBE : Wednesday, February 2

* launch on live servers : Wednesday, February 16

The new League of Legends champions are usually premiered on the same day at which the version where they will be available and usually arrive between 20:00 and 22:00 Spanish peninsular time . Riot Games used to making this decision to have time to spare in case it is necessary to make adjustments and is the most common practice of Riot Games. A situation that the developer should confirm throughout the next days with the official presentation of Renata Glasc’s skills.